Manic Miner for Windows (Retro Remake)

There is a more up-to-date version released on this post here :-

Manic Miner Reloaded and Rebooted (OS X and Windows)!

Do you miss the games of old?  Need a break from Medal of Modern Battlefield Ops 4 and crave some simplistic fun?  Forget about checkpoints and autosaves, in the 80’s we played games with grit, determination, frustration and usually with only three lives!

Muckypaws proudly presents Manic Miner for Windows9x, 2000, XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8 systems!

Visit familiar locations like, The Central Cavern, The Cold Room, The Sixteenth Cavern, Eugene’s Lair, Miner Willy Meets the Kong Beast, and who can forget The Solar Powered Generator?

You will need a PC running Windows 98 onwards with a minimum of DirectX8.1 installed.

My Thanks go to Andy Noble of who kindly gave permission to use some of his artwork within the game.

DOWNLOAD THE GAME (2.59mb) V1.02 Release 06/07/2012

Game Features

  •  The Original 20 Caverns

  •  An Additional 20 Caverns Designed By Blood

  •  A Cheat mode (Type in 716486 during the game).

  •  If you get stuck on a cavern and have sufficient lives remaining, Hit F11 and watch Miner Willy solve the cavern on his own.

  •  Replay Mode, Watch Miner Willy Complete All Caverns without losing a life!  (Hit F3 on the Title Page).

Screen Shots

Manic Miner DX was developed using Microsoft Visual C++.  The code and game engine was written from scratch utilising a new DirectX gaming library I was working on at the time (Late 1990’s).

The game includes a unique feature showing you how the level can be completed (Costs 1 Life).  This uses a nifty class I wrote to capture and replay the players key strokes.  The replay data is usually contained in less than 50 bytes of information!



The Central Cavern, deceptively easy, but for the first time gamer it caused a lot of frustration when the game was first released on the ZX Spectrum.


The Cold Room with chilly the penguins and ice-cream.  There’s a short cut to completing the level!


The Abandoned Uranium Workings.


This level allowed you to gain much needed bonus points by dropping the beast into the exit!  But don’t worry no sprites were harmed in this recreation!

Miner Willy Meets The Kong Beast

The Endorian Forest gave knightmares for a long time 🙂

The Endorian Forest

So you thought the Kong Beast was dead?  Think again, he just slipped to the next level!

Return Of The Kong Beast

The Eye’s have it!

Ore Refinery

The Sky Lab Landing bay looks difficult but is one of the easiest levels once you get your timing right.

There were of course no Save Game facility in the days of old, and so once you lost all your lives you had to start… Back at the very beginning!

Skylab Landing Bay

The Bank, Back in the 80’s outsourcing was prevalent then!  Banking Bonus’ were very lucrative and of course banks knew how to protect the publics money 😉

The Bank

Unimaginatively named, required patience and timing!

The Sixteenth Cavern

Still Here?  If you are interested in more Retro Games, why not take a look at this group of people are dedicated to making quality remakes of classic spectrum games and updating them for the present day.

Manic Miner   – Game And Code Written By Jason Brooks Graphics By Andy Noble ( and Jason Brooks (NB. I have borrowed some of Andy’s graphics with his permission, why not check out his RetroSpec Site for conversions of other classic Spectrum Games, Such as Jet Set Willy) (C) 1999-2013 Jason Brooks E-Mail: Web: Requirements: – Pentium 75 or Above 16Mbs Memory 1Mb Graphics Card + DirectX7 Drivers Soundcard + DirectX7 Compatible Drivers Some patience and a sense of humour! The Game: The following is taken from the Bug Byte inlay :- Miner Willy, while prospecting down Surbiton way, stumbles upon an ancient, long forgotten mine-shaft. On further exploration, he finds evidence of a lost civilisation far superior to our own, which used automatons to dig deep into the Earth’s core to supply the essential raw materials for their advanced industry. After centuries of peace and prosperity, the civilisation was torn apart by war, and lapsed into a long dark age, abandoning their industry and machines. Nobody, however, thought to tell the mine robots to stop working, and through countless aeons they had steadly accumulated a hugh stockpile of valuable metals and minerals, and Miner Willy realises that he now has the opportunity to make his fortune by finding the underground store. Can YOU take the challenge and guide Willy through the underground caverns to the surface and riches. In order to move to the next chamber, you must collect all the flashing keys in the room while avoiding nasties like POISONUS PANSIES and SPIDERS and SLIME and worst of all, MANIC MINING ROBOTS. When you have all the keys, you can enter the portal which will now be flashing. The game ends when you have been “got” or fallen heavily three times. Manic Miner was one of my all time favourite ZX Spectrum Games back in the ’80s.  The object of the game is simple, collect all the flashing items, find the exit and jump through it to get to the next level.   Keys are :- Q, E, T, U, O, [, Cursor Left= Left W, R, Y, I, P. ], Cursor Right  = Right Z, X, C, V, B, N, M, CONTROL    = Jump ENTER= Start or Go To Main Screen F1 = Game Options F3 = Solve Manic Miner’s Levels   (Can only be used on PIANO Screen) F11 = Lose A Life, But miner Willy Solves Current Cavern   (Useful if you get stuck on a level.) ESC    = Quit to Main Screen ALT+F4 = Exit To Windows Any bugs, problems suggestions or hints contact me via: – Web: Thanks For Playing. This software is not for commercial distribution and is for evaulation only. If you want to distribute this commercially via any electronic or other media please contact me to discuss licensing. ======================================================================== Version History: – v1.02 Release (30/06/2009) Quick Update v1.01 Release (06/08/2006)       Fixed Joystick Detection Error and included Cheat Mode. Type: 716486 during the game to give you 8 lives. Now press 7 and the keys (1-6) to change level. Repeat the cheat code to top up lives! V1.0 Release (14/04/2002) Initial Release to the general public. V1.0Beta   (4/8/2000) ===================== This release contains the original 20 Levels of Manic Miner + 20 Extra Levels Originally created by blood. Added a Playback feature to prove all levels can be successfully completed. Added an options feature to switch sound/music on/off Plus change of levels Added Joystick Support under DirectInput V0.2   (15/07/2000) ==================== This is an alpha release containing the original 10 levels and is available for user comment.   Please report bugs, crashes etc to me. You may Distribute this Game file provided it remains intact and without modification ========================================================================   ABOUT The Additional 20 Levels and Copyright Information. ‘TALES FROM A PARALLEL UNIVERSE’ (Taken from Andy’s ReadME FILE) (excerpts from Blood’s ‘Tales From a Parallel Universe’ docs) Designed by the infamous BLOOD! ( (c)1996 Cheese Freak Software INSTRUCTIONS It is rumoured that there are an infinite number of parallel universes where every possibility is played out. Things in these other dimensions may be very similar to our own reality, but subtly different because of certain decisions which were taken differently. Miner Willy is no exception to this rule. Previously, thousands of Speccy owners had thrilled to his adventures in his battle to escape the Manic Mining machines, but now Cheese Freak Software brings you the escapades of ANOTHER Miner Willy from a parallel universe! Just like his counterpart in this reality, Willy has fallen into a mine packed with dangers and must escape from 20 lethal caverns in order to locate the untold treasures of an ancient civilisation. However, in this universe things are subtly different….. Can Miner Willy emulate the antics of his trans-dimensional counterpart, or are the Speccy owners of the other universe doomed to a life with no Jet Set Willy? FOR THE EASILY FOOLED In case you hadn’t noticed, this is a version of Manic Miner which I have edited with the Manic Miner Editor to produce a very different game! All 20 screens have been replaced (and the scrolly message!) and should prove a new challenge for MM addicts. I can’t pretend that my screens are as good as Matt Smith’s originals, but I GUARANTEE that they’re much better than the very crap ‘Manic Miner 2’ snapshot which has been doing the rounds on the Internet. I’m not asking for anything for this – it’s free, just play it and enjoy it.  Regards, Blood. p.s. The screens are as follows. If you want to take a peek at ’em, use the level skip cheat or watch the demonstration……  1. Slightly to One Side Cavern 2. Brass Penguins? 3. Bernard Matthews’ Personal Hell 4. Sealed with a Glasgow Kiss 5. Future Echoes 6. Pac Up Your Troubles 7. Altar of 7th Day Advent Hoppists 8. Alan Sugar’s Take-Over Bid 9. Perils of a Bad-Hair Day 10. Dr. Jones WOOD Believe This! 11. Revenge of Brian’s Phone Bill! (dedicated to Brian ‘No Binaries!’ Gaff) 12. Alan Sugar must DIE! 13. The ‘Difficult to Edit’ Cavern 14. Crashing More Often Than a ZX81! 15. Matthew Smith’s Unpaid Royalties 16. Zucchini! Or Something…. (dedicated to the hard working YS team) 17. Farmer Barleymow’s DDT Store 18. Eye o’ Oktup (dedicated to ‘dat ole looney…bwah!) 19. Warp Core Breach 20. Join the Jet Set (with apologies to Richard Hallas!) CREDITS: Programming, Sound            .. Jason Brooks Graphics                      .. Andy Noble and Jason Brooks Extra levels                  .. Blood! Testing                       .. Justin Chadwick, Bruce Van Slyke, Dennis Wheatley ‘About Extra Levels’ Section  .. Blood! TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF USE PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING TERMS AND CONDITIONS CAREFULLY BEFORE USING THIS SOFTWARE.  By using this software, you signify your agreement to these Terms and Conditions. If you do not agree to these Terms and Conditions, do not use this software.  Jason Brooks may modify these Terms and Conditions at anytime.  Restrictions On Use of Materials.  This software is copyright protected. Any textual or graphic material you copy, print, or download is licensed to you by Jason Brooks, Inc. and/or its subsidiaries (“Jason Brooks”) for your personal, non-commercial home use only, provided that you do not change or delete any copyright, trademark or other proprietary notices.  Disclaimers and Limitation of Liability; Forward-Looking Statements Jason Brooks may change, move or delete portions of, or may add to, this software from time to time.  THE MATERIALS IN THIS SOFTWARE ARE PROVIDED “AS IS” AND WITHOUT WARRANTIES OF ANY KIND EITHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED. 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You agree to execute any and all documents that Jason Brooks may reasonably request in connection with confirming Jason Brooks’s ownership of and unlimited right to use such ideas, concepts, know-how and techniques.  Termination This Agreement is effective unless and until terminated by either you or Jason Brooks. You may terminate this Agreement at any time. Jason Brooks may terminate this Agreement at any time and without notice, and accordingly deny you access to this software, in Jason Brooks’ sole discretion for any reason, including your failure to comply with any term or provision of this Agreement. Upon any termination of this Agreement by either you or Jason Brooks, you must promptly destroy all materials downloaded or otherwise obtained from this web site, as well as all copies of such materials, whether made under the terms of this Agreement or otherwise.  © 1999-2013 Jason Brooks.


  1. Hello! i used to love Manic Miner when i was a kid. And i played it over and over again.
    I really like your remake and i think ist fantastic work

    BUT (!) There is one major “error” in your game which detroys the whole retro experience for me because it significantly changes the gameplay.

    Imagine Miner Willy i standing right next to a wall, facing it. If you press the jump key miner willy would (of cource) jump but if you now press the direction key in the other direction in the original miner willy would first turn around, then jump straight up again and THEN jump in the direction opposite of the wall. In your version he jumps right away, thus taking away a big part of preceiseness that made Manic Miner such a blast to play. Its a small but crucial difference!

    But still: WELL DONE!


    • Hello, and thank you for taking the time to comment.

      I agree, what you described is a bug, it did behave as you described, but playing it today there’s a bug on the jump opposite direction, and you are the first to report it, since it’s release over 15 years ago! The chances of fixing this short term is slim, given my commitments have changed, the source code is old, and I would need to re-record all the levels (40 of them) for auto play (which I’ve forgotten how I enabled the record feature)… It’s not a quick fix.

      Incidentally, Have you tried Andy Noble’s version available here

      Have you tried pressing F3 on the title page? And another tip, if you press numlock whilst in window mode, it runs as fast as it can, which can be quite funny 🙂

      Glad you enjoyed the game even with the “Feature”.


      • Hello Jase
        Yeah! That was indeed a funny experience. Imposs(amole)ible but funny nevertheless.

        I just happend to install a few vmware server which is a task that includes ALOT of idle time, waiting for the next install demanded input. To shorten that time i played Manic Miner and despite of the bug it was still fun.

        Matthew Smith may have some serious drug related issues nowadays, but back in the 80th his level design was pure genius.

        Another funny thing, that i realized and could not help to tell you ist the strange cpu-power eating behaviour of your game.

        I have quite a power house as workstation (12 XEON x5650) but your little gem happens to use 4 cores up to a 100%,causing my temperature management to enable red alert and fire up all the cooling vents to maximum speed

        Please picture this: A middle aged admin, sitting in his office in the middle of the night (it was an urgent call) in complete dark – the only light came from two computer screens, one displaying a vmware installation, the other an 30 year old Spectrum game – accompanied only by the overwhelming sound of CPU vents at max and the charismatic sound of miner willy jumping and dying. Must have been quite a picture 🙂

        just wanted to share that with you 🙂



      • Hi Elmex,

        I can imagine it, I’ve sat in many data centres and offices overnight completing installations, upgrades and infrastructure projects… It’s a different lifestyle 🙂

        Thanks for the info on the CPU issue, I can believe it, as it was written on old hardware using DirectX7, I never upgraded my gaming framework so don’t know if the problem is related to an old version of DirectX supported in later versions, or the way I’ve implemented the gaming loop. I no longer own a windows machine, having swapped to Mac along time ago.

        If I get the opportunity and can source a version of source code that still compiles, I will have a look on my Parallels VM to see if there’s anything obvious I can change.



  2. Hi Elmex, Following on with this thread from last year, I have re-written Manic Miner from the ground up, using AGK ( to create the game, and therefore the issue with a noisy fan and CPU utilisation should be solved. Better still, I received permission from Andy Noble to use his MM graphics, and he’s updated them to look better than the original version. I would personally like to invite you to be the first to play test the new game and get your feedback. I have created a native MAC OS X and Windows version, let me know which version you want to trial and provide an email address I can contact you with and I’ll send you an exclusive link!


  3. Great Remake and Great that you have kept to the original levels. It runs a bit fast on my (Not particularly powerful) laptop, is there a key you can press to slow it down a bit?


    • Hi Chris, Thanks for stopping by. At the moment there isn’t a key to slow the game down. Originally I set the configuration to match the original speed, but the feedback received was the game felt slow. If you’re hand with an editor, you can edit the levels by going into the config folder and editing LevelXData.txt

      Under the section marked [Actors] and [HeroStart] you will see some comma separated values.

      For example :-

      ChillyYellow.png,18, 3,8,1 , 3,18, 3,-16,0,4,4,1,8,8,8,4

      If you change the 11th Parameter to become a 5 or 6 it will slow the actor down.

      ChillyYellow.png,18, 3,8,1 , 3,18, 3,-16,0, –> 5 <<– ,4,1,8,8,8,4

      You must ensure that the same value is used for all Actors on the Level, otherwise the replay data won't work correctly.

      If you want to see Willy complete all levels on his own, hit F1 on the piano page.

      I would love to see what levels, users can create with this engine though 🙂


      • It was the old version I downloaded so I downloaded the new one which also ran fast, but I tried editing the txt file like you suggested which worked great (Other than it seems to be the 10th value, not the 11th that works). It’s great that people still like these old games enough to make remakes 🙂 I have been seriously thinking about trying to do a remake of Kane. Although I don’t have a lot of experience programming on a PC, except making simple games for my daughter on Gamemaker & Scratch. And mostly have done basic programming in the past such as Spectrum Basic, AMOS & Blitz on the Amiga. I have recently been fiddling about with python on my laptop and Raspberry Pi but don’t really have a grasp of it yet. What is AGK basic like to use?

        I suppose I only noticed the speed difference so much because I have been playing Manic Miner through a ZX Spectrum Emulator in the last few days.


      • Would love to see you have a go at a remake of Miner 2049’er on the C64 🙂 That is probably way beyond my skills


  4. High Chris, The first value is the SpriteName i.e. ChillyYellow.png which maps on to the SpriteSheet and accompanying text file which gives the location on the sprite sheet. So you could swap out the sprites completely, if you had the time and enthusiasm to do it 🙂 I would love for someone to create a level editor for this MM engine though.

    I haven’t used GameMaker or Scratch but I’ve heard a lot of good things about them, I think Philip/Andrew Oliver created a PacMan in Scratch in 24 hours just to see what it could do.

    AGK BASIC is quite well thought out. If you’ve used DarkBasic in the past you will be familiar with the Syntax, the nice thing with it, is you compile the code once and you can deploy it to Android, iOS, Windows, Mac and Blackberry etc, take a look at

    I also started a tutorial on how to write MM in AGK Basic here however due to work pressure I’ve not updated this in a while. It will get complete though. If you have a look at the files so far it will show you the syntax and give you a flavour of AGK Basic.

    I tend to program in Objective-C these days, AGK Basic was an experiment, in fact going from zero knowledge of AGK to getting a basic MM framework up and running took only 10 hours.

    I love the Raspberry Pi, but have yet to start programming on it, and it’s on my to do list should I ever get the time.

    Miner 2049’er wasn’t one of my favourite games at the time, so unlikely to remake it myself… I would like to tackle JSW but that it a huge undertaking….

    Would love to see your work though, are they available online?

    Kind Regards


    • I don’t tend to keep the ones I do for my daugher as I am constantly redoing and making them more difficult etc. as she gets the hang of them. I will probably be doing one this week for half term though.

      There is one version of Blitz Bomber that I did a while ago and kept, I don’t really use any file hosting sites. But I could email it to you if you give me an email address.


      • Actually, I just tried putting it on filedropper

        I didn’t draw all the gfx myself on this one, I got them from a website. But didn’t credit them as It was only for my own use at the time.

        I normally do the gfx myself now. I’m not brilliant at drawing, but I’m getting better with practice and I do enjoy making a game from scratch including the gfx. The only thing I’m worried about on kane is drawing the horse with moving legs.


      • And I just found another one which has been on my wife’s old laptop for ages. I didn’t draw the gfx on this one either, and the menu screen is obviously disney. It’s very basic because its aimed at a 6 year old, but could be made a lot harder.


  5. Hi Chris, I remembered that I played your remake some 10 years ago. Now I was wondering if you could compile the game for running in Ubuntu Linux as well?
    For me its by far the best game ever, I am still playing it on my spectrum emulator today, but your version is nicer.


    • Hi Jason,
      It works!. After I unpacked the 7z package, I had to change all the file permissions and make the runtime executable, but after that it works.
      On my Ubuntu 18.04 I didn’t need to install anything extra (but Maybe these files where already installed with other software).
      What would be a nice feature is a training mode. After more than 30 years of practice I still didn’t manage to get through all levels in one run.
      Thanks for your linux version!


      Liked by 1 person

      • Hi Jeroen, Thank you for the feedback. If you’re interested in doing a small write up of the correct way to install it, or if you’re a dab hand with scripting that would make it easier for the end Linux user, I would be happy to put a separate blogpost up with that as I refine the engine somewhat. 🙂 Kind Regards, Jason


      • Hi Jason,

        thanks for the extra information.

        You need to make all files executable and readable and writable. The CHMOD command is used for that. It can only be done by the owner of the file. When it doesn’t work, you may need to sudo the command (Super User do):

        e.g. chmod 754 manicminer (or sudo chmod 754 manicminer)

        Here the digits 7, 5, and 4 each individually represent the permissions for the user, group, and others, in that order. Each digit is a combination of the numbers 4, 2, 1, and 0:

        4 stands for “read”,
        2 stands for “write”,
        1 stands for “execute”, and
        0 stands for “no permission.”

        So 7 is the combination of permissions 4+2+1 (read, write, and execute), 5 is 4+0+1 (read, no write, and execute), and 4 is 4+0+0 (read, no write, and no execute).

        We need probably all files to be executable, readable and writable for everyone, so we need 777
        the -R switch includes all files and subdirectories.

        Open a terminal in the manic miner folder and type:

        chmod 777 * -R

        now start the game with


        The game can’t be started from a file browser. You need a script to do so.

        Open the terminal in the linux manic-miner folder and enter:




        and save the file
        now close gedit
        enter in the terminal chmod 777

        Now you can start the game by double clicking from nautilus or another file browser. In that case choose run from terminal.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Hi Jeroen thank you for pulling this together, I shall work on a specific Linux MM post that can be updated. Do you have any idea how I can add this to the Ubuntu/Linux App Store?


      • Hi Jason, I am sorry, I don’t really know. I see many people using the ppa system to host it on launchpad and add it to the software repositories. The first thing you need to do is make a .deb installation file. Ubuntus software repositories are using .deb files.

        What might be interesting as well is is to make a snap (only ubuntu) or a flatpak hosted at flathub (all linux flavours.) In the last case your version will be available to all linux users that installed flathub which is available for all linux variations.
        Read more about it here
        and submitting an app

        Liked by 1 person

      • I forgot to mention, there is a trainer mode built in.

        Press F1 on the Piano Screen and Miner Willy will complete all 40 levels on his own (until you hit a key)

        Press F1 on a level you’re having difficulty with and provided you’re not on your last life, for the price of one life miner willy will show you how to complete the level (you forfeit 1 life and the score for that level).

        It also supports the standard cheat modes of MM, I forgot to include the ReadMe file with the package, so it’s good to have gotten your feedback. I need to make some improvements, but here’s an excerpt (it is available in the mac/windows versions)

        Cheat Codes (In Game) = Supported (6031769, TYPEWRITER, PPPENGUIN, 716486)
        Cheat Codes = hold 8 9 0 to get extra lives
        Cheat Codes = Press 7 and then the numbers 1 – 6 to change level, then release 7 first.

        = Level 1
        1 = Level 2
        2 = Level 3
        1 2 = Level 4
        3 = Level 5
        1 3 = Level 6
        2 3 = Level 7
        1 2 3 = Level 8
        3 = Level 9
        1 3 = Level 10
        2 3 = Level 11
        1 2 3 = Level 12
        3 3 = Level 13
        1 3 3 = Level 14
        2 3 3 = Level 15
        1 2 3 3 = Level 16
        5 = Level 17
        1 5 = Level 18
        2 5 = Level 19
        1 2 5 = Level 20
        3 5 = Level 21
        1 3 5 = Level 22
        2 3 5 = Level 23
        1 2 3 5 = Level 24
        3 5 = Level 25
        1 3 5 = Level 26
        2 3 5 = Level 27
        1 2 3 5 = Level 28
        3 3 5 = Level 29
        1 3 3 5 = Level 30
        2 3 3 5 = Level 31
        1 2 3 3 5 = Level 32
        6 = Level 33
        1 6 = Level 34
        2 6 = Level 35
        1 2 6 = Level 36
        3 6 = Level 37
        1 3 6 = Level 38
        2 3 6 = Level 39
        1 2 3 6 = Level 40


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