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Category: Travel


Victoria Peak

I found footage of our exploits around Hong Kong. It turns out my videography skills suck, and certainly not something I could take as a career.

I Like Driving In My Car…

I was fortunate enough to be working in Pune at the time of Dewali (about 4-5 hours drive from Mumbai), when one of my team invited me to their home to experience genuine Indian food and hospitality.

Johnny Hoopers Sax Night

I’ve been processing some old video that I hadn’t looked at since I took it, and the quality isn’t that great in many cases, but something I’ve been putting off […]

Dallas Zoo 2014

One of the Team a gentleman called Calvin had been on the client site for a while and was a regular at Dallas Zoo, so much so that he was granted privileges the normal paying public didn't normally experience, and one weekend he invited me to join him and explore what they had to offer.

Dobré Ráno! Ako sa máš?

Well it finally happened, took a while to sort out but here I am back in Slovakia and it’s been an absolutely gorgeous week so far with temperatures rising as […]

New Beginnings?

As I sit with my empty suitcase in front of me, I have to decide what to pack and what to keep on the next part of life’s journey.  You see, I’ve picked […]

Paris City Skyline

I think this has to be the first city skyline I’ve had the opportunity to photograph, and I would love to go back to Paris one day and do it […]

Arc De Triomphe

The Arc De Triomphe (Paris, France), is an achievement in human labour and craftsmanship.  Construction was originally ordered in 1806 by Napoleon at the cost of ₣9.6 Million (French Francs ₣, […]

Delly Bancing and Dirling Whervish

You can’t visit Cairo without taking a trip on a boat down the River Nile.  The waters are not as clear and sparkling as they may have been 4,000 years […]

Transportation & Authority

There’s a lot to see and do around Cairo if you’re prepared to take the plunge, but always follow your guides advice.  A good guide will give you safety advice […]

Examples of Bad/Poor Photography…

These pictures are the final ones I took in and around the Mosque.  I um’ed and ar’ed whether to include these, purely because the photography is bad from both angle/perspective […]

A Morning Drive Around Cairo

The morning started off with a drive around Cairo… Driving is not as we know it in the Western world… Although lane markings on many of the roads are evident, […]

Egyptian Magritte

Weekends are only two working days until Monday…  As I sit waiting for a callbacks and a conference meeting to start, I thought I’d share more photoshop fun.  The idea […]

Little Big Planet – Egypt

Good morning!  As I sit in my office wondering pouring over spreadsheets, lines of codes and thinking to myself… how on earth did I end up working over a weekend? […]

Love Pyramid…

I took this photo in Cairo back in 2007, however as the DSLR was new and I was still becoming familiar with the equipment, I’d shot this but the photo was over […]