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Johnny Hoopers Sax Night

I’ve been processing some old video that I hadn’t looked at since I took it, and the quality isn’t that great in many cases, but something I’ve been putting off a while as I wasn’t strong enough to handle seeing video of my late wife. However, I’m finding the strength slowly to process this, I don’t know to what end, maybe I miss hearing her voice, or the look of disdain every time I pointed the camera at here, but there’s many a memory that are starting to fade as life inevitably moves on.

For her 50th, a group of her friends and I hired a Villa in Albufeira to celebrate in style, Janice had wanted to go to Johnny Hoopers for a long time and this was our opportunity. We had to book in advance, and what an amazing place this turned out to be.

Everyone is given a time to arrive, and there’s only one sitting for the meal, because afterwards, our host, Johnny plays saxophone for the remainder of the evening, and it’s an energetic and friendly evening, where everyone left in positively high spirits.

The food was amazing, the company brilliant too, there was eight of us and we pretty much drank the place dry that night (well they ran out of Bacardi), and we all had very sore heads the next day, some more than others, but that’s a story that stays in Portugal!

Here’s some video footage I found of the evening, and it seems I blogged about this venue before,

Should the opportunity arise, then take it I say, life’s too short, have fun and enjoy!

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