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I Like Driving In My Car…

It’s not quite a Jaguar… as the song lyrics from Madness go…

Welcome back, and in another episode of video footage that’s been waiting to be liberated from my harddrive, I found the following: –

Makes a change from Raspberry Pie Projects 😉

I was fortunate enough to be working in Pune at the time of Dewali (about 4-5 hours drive from Mumbai), when one of my team invited me to their home to experience genuine Indian food and hospitality. The food was amazing, before they started to “Play with Crackers” or fireworks in modern parlance.

What amazed were two things, Driving, I’ve mentioned this before in other blog posts on India the video footage doesn’t do justice to the driving style and rules of the road. Why have three lanes when you can cram as many vehicles as you want over the width of the road? Madness I tell ya, Madness! 😱🤣🤪 I was more surprised how very few accidents there were, as my driver explained that Indians make the best drivers in the world. The beeping is to indicate that someone is at the side of your vehicle.

During my first few days, I assumed the morning fog was mist and dew, little did I realise its pollution and smog. Interestingly, we nail Catherine wheels to a fence post usually, but my colleagues lit and threw them on the floor whilst dancing around them… Who needs health and safety eh? 🤔😱🤣

Anyway, enjoy the video clips, India will always be in my heart, it was an amazing experience and privelege to work out there.

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