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Category: Hacking

Nova Load Speed Loader

NOVALOAD – Commodore Speed Load and Protection System Hacked.

NOVALOAD Turbo Load and Protection system was ubiquitous on Commodore machines back in the day. I take a look back at how I hacked the protection system when I was around 13 years old, though today using modern day tools. Revisiting my past exploits and sharing information with the greater audience. If you're a fan of the C16 and Mr Puniverse then take a look and follow me!

MegaVault Hack – Part 2 – Creating a Loader

Following on from the Back to Basics article, in Part 2 I'll show how to create a custom loader for MegaVault that we hacked. Additionally we'll create an old-school magazine style type-in for cheating on original hardware and cassette.

Back to Basics

Have you ever wondered how it all started? In today's blog article I go back to the basics of hacking and how I got started. Except with the benefit of using modern tools/emulators to walk you through hacking an assembly language game.

GB Operator – Preserve Your GameBoy Cartridges

It's 2022, you've a bunch of GameBoy Cartridges gathering dust and you want to transfer them to your favourite emulator and play, or you're a developer wanting to try their software on real hardware. Then the GB Operator is a device you need in your hardware arsenal. We take a look, see what you think.