Are You Shearing?

Example of Sheep Shearing on Kangaroo Island, South Australia. Amazing experience we had at Paul's Place Wildlife Sanctuary, If you're into wildlife conservation then add this to your places to visit.

Victoria Peak

I found footage of our exploits around Hong Kong. It turns out my videography skills suck, and certainly not something I could take as a career.

Manic Miner V1.6b Released

You wanted some updates to the Manic Miner 2D Game Engine, so here they are, and I've finally documented the config driven engine to! It's freeware and can not be used for commercial gain/money/bitcoin etc.

Old School Arcade – PiCade

Building the PiCade Mini Arcade Cabinet brought back so many memories of Arcades in the 80's and my final build is no exception.

Fast Car

A life of corporate servitude took over and I rarely picked the guitar up since 2000, it's very rare I do as I become frustrated that the muscle memory faded and the chords to songs are lost somewhere in the old noodle.

Lockdown Up-Lifting Enchiladas

... with the lockdown restrictions easing somewhat allowing friends/family to bubble, it seemed like a good time for friends to visit whom I'd not seen since lockdown began. It was either that or join the gazillions on Bournemouth Beach!

Is There Anyone On-Board Who Knows How to Fly a Plane?

Janice loved being prepared in all walks of life, plus we both have a love of flying. We found it was easier than we thought to undertake Boeing-737 flight training. She often thought about what would happen if the pilots were struck with a medical condition because... they too ate fish.

I Like Driving In My Car…

I was fortunate enough to be working in Pune at the time of Dewali (about 4-5 hours drive from Mumbai), when one of my team invited me to their home to experience genuine Indian food and hospitality.

Johnny Hoopers Sax Night

I’ve been processing some old video that I hadn’t looked at since I took it, and the quality isn’t that great in many cases, but something I’ve been putting off […]

Dallas Zoo 2014

One of the Team a gentleman called Calvin had been on the client site for a while and was a regular at Dallas Zoo, so much so that he was granted privileges the normal paying public didn't normally experience, and one weekend he invited me to join him and explore what they had to offer.


Today is just a little light relief to help distract from the dental pain I'm experiencing since this start of lockdown.

None Shall Pass

Given the focus and media attention on data breaches over recent years which have affected probably most major names you’ve bought something from, why do companies still find it so difficult to educate customer services staff on safe ways of handling customer queries and complaints?

Setting up a Pi-4b Gaming Rig – Part 1

Bored with Lockdown? Why not spice things up by building your own Retro Gaming Machine for the home? Today's Blog shows how to do this using the latest Raspberry Pi-4b and RetroPie.

DoodleBot – STEAM

There's something satisfying about watching the little robot dance around the table and paper and it's relatively quiet. You will need large sheets of paper for the robot to draw on.