The Birthday Paradox

Did someone say cake? What's the probability of two people in a group of people share the same birthday? Have you been curious? Well wonder no more as I explain basic probability principles and did I mention it was recently my 50th Birthday?

Autonomous Collective

As autonomous tech is rolled out into the real world, it's inevitable that operational challenges will occur. The key is how we adapt and handle these exceptions. This is my experience of Starship and how well they handled my advisement of an emergency stop.

Jabby McJabby Day

Having the COVID Vaccine is a personal choice, one of which has divided people and nations. This isn't a debate about the rights or wrongs, just my experience of receiving the jab.

There’s a Starman

It was a pipe dream on a Tomorrows World program of world automation, here's my experience of Starships flagship robot delivery service.

The Evolution of Willy

My love for Manic Miner know no bounds, and having wanted a Miner Willy desk ornament it was time to put the 3D Printer to good use!

Bloomin’ Lovely

How many of you remembered to say “White Rabbits” or “Pinch, Punch, First of the Month” at the start of March? I went to take my bins out for the […]

Multi Mark – For Stubborn 3″ Disks

I'd purchased some Three Inch disks from a well known Retro Seller some months ago, but today I was able to take a look and format them for use. Unfortunately due to their age, they had corruption on the media. My usual toolset didn't help, cue... Multi-Mark from Tom and Jerry of GPA