UK National Lottery Ticket Checker

UK National Lottery Ticket Checker

(Screenshot taken from Build 1812)

The software is licensed as freeware.  If you are a regular user of the this application then please consider making a donation towards the development of this and future products.

You can make a donation by simply as buying one of our games from the iTunes/Mac AppStores

The current released version is:- V1.8 Build (1814) For WindowsXP/Vista/7 and 8, However please note that development has started up again for this application and a later Beta version is available, click this link to get details of the latest Beta Release.

The current build 1814 temporarily removed Daily Play but should resolve the internet 500 error whilst the Results Website is down.

A user manual is available here Lottery Manual

This tool will retrieve the UK National Lottery Results via an internet connection and check your tickets/syndicate entries against previous results.  It also Includes a Syndicate Manager for managing your work/team/family syndicate.

Features Include:-

  •     Support for the National Lottery Extra. 

  •     An Adobe Acrobat or On-Line version of the User Manual is now available.

  •     Automatic Retrieval of Prize amounts for 4 Ball and more wins (Lotto only).

  •     Import Syndicate Files Into The Ticket Checker And Vice Versa.

  •     Prize win amounts and Totals in the Ticket Checker.

  •     Simple Report generation for Syndicate Management.

  •     Export result data to Windows Clipboard, .TXT or .CSV file.

  •     Allows backdating of Syndicate entries to allow re-checking or what if scenarios 🙂

  •     Ticket Checking for an unlimited amount of tickets.

  •     Includes LOTTO, THUNDERBALL, and LOTTO EXTRA Results.

  •     Includes Basic Firewall/Proxy Server Support for those running lottery syndicates from work!

  •     Manage Syndicates More Easily.  You can set up each member of the syndicate to play the same numbers on either/or Wednesday and Saturday draws.

  •     Total winnings per syndicate member tracked easily.

  •     Graphical Representation of prize draws

  •     Random Generation Of Numbers

My thanks go to Richard Lloyd for his painstaking work on his lottery site. Where all lottery results are derived for my project.

**** Please Note, This software is not for Commercial Distribution.  If you want to add this software to your web-site, CD, Floppy Disk or distribute this program via any form of electronic, magnetic or any other media known or unknown, you must first seek permission and licensing from Jason Brooks the Copyright Owner. ****


    • Hi Mark, the software will currently download the latest results including the new numbers, but currently unable to add these numbers via the ticket checker. The software is very dated and needs a complete re-write. At the moment my real job takes all my time. Unfortunately I would say unlikely in the short term, sorry it’s not the answer you’re looking for. I will look to see if a quick fix/win can be made to the code.

      Kind Regards


  1. Hi Jason, Great news that you are working on this software again. I have the new 1826 build and will let you know if I find any bugs or anything else. Thanks so much for you time and effort.


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