Text to OFX Converter

Delimited Text To MS Money Open Financial Exchange Converter V1.08

Back by popular demand, this simple converter will take a comma separated format financial statement, and convert the text file to something more suitable for Microsoft Money 2000-2004 plus any other financial tracking package that can handle Open Financial eXchange messages.

Simply enter your credit card detail or ID number you want associated with the bill, and the opening balance for your months statement and click Open.

Screen Shot OFX Software


Select the text file that you downloaded from your big banks credit card download facility and press Open.  The software will automatically convert the statement and try and import this directly to Microsoft Money.

Please note that this software was designed specifically for a particular bank’s online credit card statement and is not approved nor authorised/endorsed by them.  As I can not mention them by name, you will notice that if you select download from their on-line statements you will see a text file similar to the following:-

Statement Example

Basically, as long as your CSV file is in the following order

Date, Transaction Description, Memo, Amount

Then this package can convert the details to the OFX Standard Message that can be used with software packages that can import OFX messages.

The software is provided as is, and is not guaranteed to function correctly if the output format has been updated.  Use the software is at your own risk.

If your big bank produces on-line statements that are difficult to import into Money, drop me a line and we’ll see if there’s anything we can do to help.

Download The Software. ~240Kb

Smith And BrooksPlease Help Support Us As Independant Developers 🙂


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