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Lego Style 3D Printed Christmas Wreath

Merry Christmas 2022

Wishing you all a very Merry Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays or Bah Humbug day. However you decide to mark this time of year, Muckypaws 3D Printers have been busy!

Nova Load Speed Loader

NOVALOAD – Commodore Speed Load and Protection System Hacked.

NOVALOAD Turbo Load and Protection system was ubiquitous on Commodore machines back in the day. I take a look back at how I hacked the protection system when I was around 13 years old, though today using modern day tools. Revisiting my past exploits and sharing information with the greater audience. If you're a fan of the C16 and Mr Puniverse then take a look and follow me!

Tracey’s Dog

What happens with an irresponsible large dog charity who doesn't properly risk assess dogs with bite history, a dog owner unfamiliar with these behaviours and much needed surgery...

MegaVault Hack – Part 2 – Creating a Loader

Following on from the Back to Basics article, in Part 2 I'll show how to create a custom loader for MegaVault that we hacked. Additionally we'll create an old-school magazine style type-in for cheating on original hardware and cassette.

Back to Basics

Have you ever wondered how it all started? In today's blog article I go back to the basics of hacking and how I got started. Except with the benefit of using modern tools/emulators to walk you through hacking an assembly language game.

Ten Monkeys …

Large organisations and Government bodies, rarely admit to wrong doing even when the evidence is clear cut, Hearing nothing, Seeing Nothing and Doing Nothing... I ask myself is it worth bringing issues to the attention of the relevant bodies or is the game rigged and I'm wasting time and energy?

Widowed and Dating

Have you thought about whether you're capable of Love after Death? Do we go through the motions? How complicated is it? This is my story and experience of Love After Death.

Beware of Scammer

Be Safe, It’s a Jungle out There…

You just can't go a day, week or month without some scammer slipping into your Direct Messages either through various Social Networks or WhatsApp Style texting etc. What can you do to try and protect yourself and what should you do if you've been a victim of fraud?