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Category: Egypt

Transportation & Authority

There’s a lot to see and do around Cairo if you’re prepared to take the plunge, but always follow your guides advice.  A good guide will give you safety advice […]

Examples of Bad/Poor Photography…

These pictures are the final ones I took in and around the Mosque.  I um’ed and ar’ed whether to include these, purely because the photography is bad from both angle/perspective […]

A Morning Drive Around Cairo

The morning started off with a drive around Cairo… Driving is not as we know it in the Western world… Although lane markings on many of the roads are evident, […]

Egyptian Magritte

Weekends are only two working days until Monday…  As I sit waiting for a callbacks and a conference meeting to start, I thought I’d share more photoshop fun.  The idea […]

Little Big Planet – Egypt

Good morning!  As I sit in my office wondering pouring over spreadsheets, lines of codes and thinking to myself… how on earth did I end up working over a weekend? […]

Love Pyramid…

I took this photo in Cairo back in 2007, however as the DSLR was new and I was still becoming familiar with the equipment, I’d shot this but the photo was over […]

One has the Hump…

These Camels were located near the Pyramids in Cairo, short walk from the Sphinx, the cost of a ride was relatively cheap, however if you fall off the Camel and […]

Slow Boat to Cairo

In 2007 A fantastic opportunity presented itself in a trip to Cairo – Egypt.  Now many will think of Sharm El-Sheikh when visiting Egypt, but I’m not one for commercial […]