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Love Pyramid…


The Sphinx

I took this photo in Cairo back in 2007, however as the DSLR was new and I was still becoming familiar with the equipment, I’d shot this but the photo was over exposed on the pyramid.  I should have bracketed this shot with -2ev and +2ev and merged them, but I was new to DSLR photography, new to the camera, inexperienced and didn’t have the luxury of time to go back to the pyramids and rectify my photography mistake…

Since then I’ve been playing with Lightroom and Photoshop on and off to try and recover the image to something that looked more interesting, and have abjectly failed in this task.

Hence I’ve gone for the Gawdy look…. Using OnOne Perfect Photo Software to remove the original sky and the Perfect Brush for masking, I dropped in a stock blue sky and clouds for the background.  The original sky was very grey, it was a surprisingly grey day (I don’t remember if the sands were being picked up by the winds)…  I’ve played around the with contrast, exposure, clarity, black and whites balance, Mid Tones etc etc.  The result was the extreme version above.

Here’s the original unaltered photo below.  ave I mentioned already the sky really was dull and grey on the day?


The Original Unmodified Photo.

When you arrive at the pyramids (from the city to the pyramids), the main tourist group will see the Sphinx on the right and the Pyramid to the left, however if you are prepared to step outside the comfort of tourist groups, then care is needed.  Many of the locals have cottoned on to this, and you may have to pay a “fee” so the locals don’t interfere with the picture.  The fee is usually a couple of dollars or cyprus pounds.

A word of warning!  When a local or one of the police/officials offer to take your picture with the pyramids in the background DO NOT HAND OVER YOUR CAMERA OR EQUIPMENT.  At best it will cost you a lot more to get the camera back if you’re lucky enough they offer a “Buy-Back Option”, otherwise its gone…  Better to be safe than sorry, and don’t leave a tripod/equipment unattended either.  Yes, it really is that corrupt out there.

Anyhoo… Whilst playing around with Photoshop, I remember doing a “Little Big Planet” Style Cairo world a number of years ago, as we’re near Valentine’s Day, here’s a “Little Big Heart Planet Cairo”.


Love Cairo, Love Egypt!

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