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Little Big Planet – Egypt


Little Big Planet – Egypt

Good morning!  As I sit in my office wondering pouring over spreadsheets, lines of codes and thinking to myself… how on earth did I end up working over a weekend?  I should be out and about doing something more fun and exciting instead…  But what? What do people get up to, outside the daily grind of 7 day working weeks…  At least the Junior Doctors get a day off!

This is a reminder to all the ladies that read my blog!  If you participate in the shenanigans of Valentine’s Day, Don’t forget to make the effort to romance your partners!  It’s very easy to lie back and think of roses, but what ideas do you have to make this weekend memorable?

For those not celebrating, good on ya!  Who needs the added pressure of having to buy over priced and commercialised flowers, sitting in restaurants with loved up couples, going on romantic/dirty weekend breaks….

To create the Little Planet Image, is fairly straight forward if you have either Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, even tools like Pixelmator will create the same effect.  The function to experiment with is Distort->Polar Coordinates.  You’ll need a square image and flip the picture so the sky is on the bottom and land is at the top…  Click Distort->Polar Coordinates and in two shakes of a badger tail, Robert is your Fathers Uncle you’ll get the start of an image shown above.


Have a great weekend everyone, These spreadsheets aren’t going to auto-calculate themselves you know… (awww…. you know what I mean!) 🙂

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