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The Courtyard of the Mosque of Mohammad Ali

I wanted to write so much more on the walkabout around the Mosque of Mohammad Ali, however it’s been a very long day in the office and it’s going to be an even longer week… I’m editing this post on my iPhone on my train journey home (It’s what us commuters endearingly referred to as the Vomit Comet, avoiding the drunks, kebabs and inevitably what goes with the added motion…)

I’m just going to leave these pictures here for the moment…  (apparently if you tap on the circles, you should see the full picture).  What do you think? Is this a better format or do you prefer to see the photo’s in their full glory?

Needless to say, these were photographed during my walk around the Cairo Mosque back in 2007.  Its open as a tourist attraction and at the time it was free to enter, Given the length of time passed since visiting Cairo, I can’t remember much of the guides story as we toured the grounds.

My interest was purely from the architectural standpoint , Its the effort and craftsmanship that went into the creation of these stone buildings, when you are used to seeing Steel and Glass high-rises…

I have a few photo’s of the internal Citadel, however I’m not too happy with these, I was just starting my Amateur Photography Journey and I forgot to set the ISO correctly Flash Photography wasn’t permitted inside.

On that happy note I shall bid thee good night as a mobile signal is never great in these tunnels…


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