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A Morning Drive Around Cairo


The morning started off with a drive around Cairo… Driving is not as we know it in the Western world… Although lane markings on many of the roads are evident, these appear to be “More of a guideline, than a rule” as vehicles weave in and out, or side by side.  On a road consisting of three lanes you can get at least 5 or 6 vehicles across the width of that road.

In contrast, it’s not dissimilar to driving in India, except they use the horn less here, and a lot crazier!

Unfortunately I can not remember the name of the building above and I didn’t have GPS enabled on my camera.  I will google it later to see if I can find it on street view.

The picture below is of the City of the Dead also known as Cairo Necropolis but most Egyptians call it “El’arafa”, this is approx 4 miles long and is essentially a densely packed cemetery.  That said, slum accommodation exists that migrant workers and family members choose to live close to long lost relatives.  You will be met by beggars at every opportunity, many of whom are 2 – 3 years of age.  Whilst Egypt is a 3rd world country, you do need to put many of your instincts to one side with the volume of begging as you can not give to everyone, and when you do, you will become a target.


In here you will find a labyrinths and catacombs, enter at your risk or have a qualified guide to take you into the city.

Part of the guided tour involved site seeing at the local Mosque, women must remain covered at all times, however they do provide green gowns for the ladies to wear.  You are not permitted to walk around wearing shoes, and so bring a shoe bag with you if you wish to walk around the monuments.


These are just a couple of photo’s taken within the Mosque grounds, there was quite a significant amount of restoration work that was being undertaken in 2007, I would like to think that much of this has been complete now in 2016.


You do need to be mindful of other tourists and locals alike who may be heading to prayers.


My next post will cover off some of the safety aspects you need to be aware of when travelling around Egypt…


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