Bad Snowman 2020

Without getting bogged down in detail, I thought I'd share a recent 3D Print which has proven popular amongst friends this festive period. What do you think? A festive 2020 winner?

Silverstone – Lap Land Experience

Wow... The light show was amazing (Not quite Pink Floyd light show ready), but a lot of effort had gone into the light show around the track, from lasers, sensory walls, light panels and big LED screens. Live snowglobes were dotted around the track with actors inside, depicting various Christmas Themes, the atmosphere with other drives was electric, all cheered on by Silverstone Radio and their live DJs out on the track talking to people joining the fun.

Sorting Room Party Time

he looked genuinely shocked when the postmaster explained for the third time that he needed to put an address on the gift bag so the postie knows where to deliver it.

Palliative Care and the Three Stages of Friendship Loss

On hearing the news, I collapsed to the floor of my hotel room, paralysed with fear & guilt that I should have been there, knowing she was alone that night. Janice was more held together than I was, I was stuttering, in tears, unable to get words out for a good 30 minutes or more, shock set in quickly, we talked for as long as we could, I tried to find an earlier flight home, but was unable to do so. It was a long night, unable to eat, unable to sleep, unable to think straight, unable to talk to anyone about what I'd just learned. The morning couldn't come quick enough, my car took me to the airport, I boarded my flight to find on my return Janice waiting at the door. She always tracked me on my phone so knew I was just pulling up, we hugged and cried for a long time that day.

Building a Pi-Hole

How would you like to browse the web with fewer adverts? Play mobile games on your phone or tablet without unnecessary ads? or even better, reduce the amount of tracking your devices collect of your browsing habits? Sound too good to be true? Probably, but you can give yourself an edge by building a very cheap and simple Ad and Tracking blocker for the cost of a of a round of drinks and a packet of crisps to build this project.

GreaseWeazle and XCode 12

Those of us who are using Keir Frasers amazing GreaseWeazle on macOS, may run into some issues from today 17th September 2020, if your macOS has updated to XCode 12. This article shows my solution to resolving the issue.

Manager vs Administrator

It was at the carpark I realised I'd missed the collection window completely and forgot to collect my food 🤦🏼‍♂️, I mean what are the odds of that exceptional condition happening? Someone pays for food at a drive-thru and doesn't collect?!?


Via the Retro community I learned of the GreaseWeazle, and at a fundamental level it works by recording the magnetic fluctuations on the disk surface and therefore doesn't rely on a specific disk interface to decode those signals. As such it makes it perfect for making digital forensic copies of disks in the past.


Fifteen years together as a couple is a significant milestone. Crystal is the traditional gift for a 15th wedding anniversary. It represents the clear and sparkling love between husband and wife.

Amazing Sunflower gifted by a Neighbour

Neighbourly Smile

Sometime after the start of lockdown and the roads became a quiet place, there was a knock on the door, no one was there, but on my door step was a seedling and a note.