DoodleBot – STEAM

There's something satisfying about watching the little robot dance around the table and paper and it's relatively quiet. You will need large sheets of paper for the robot to draw on.

Fraudsters & PayPal, Let the Buyer Beware…

I contacted my bank where the transaction was linked to PayPal and explained the situation. They were very helpful and advised, yes, they could raise a chargeback, however… having looked into the transaction the funds taken from my account were via Direct Debit and not by Credit/Debit card and as such there is not protection whatsoever for this transaction. They were very apologetic.

The Thief, The Police and the Honest Person

Being cautious, I didn’t want to pass a stranger my home address (it could have been a scam), after taking some details from him, I called our local police on 101. After a two hour on-hold message, I spoke to a helpful lady on the control desk, who took some details and managed to find the original crime reference number. She understood my concerns and promised to call me back after speaking to the gentleman.

Install Games/Roms to your Retropie build.

In the demonstration, I'm going to use the Oliver Twins amazing "Wonderland Dizzy" a game they have donated for free as part of unreleased software they created over 20 years ago for the NES.

Securing Your Facebook Account

With the volume of data breaches occurring today, it can be a minefield securing your social media accounts. This article will give you a quick run down on what to do to secure your data.

MacMillan Fund Raising – Not in Janice’s Name.

What saddens me is the disrespect that has been shown to my late wife Janice’s memory, from those who know what she experienced with MacMillan. MacMillan nurses lack of care, not acting as a patient advocate, unsupportive, leaving her scared and vulnerable, Janice made a conscious decision during treatment and at end of life care to never fundraise for this sham of an organisation.

Life After Sepsis

The title of today’s blog sounds sensationalist but the fact is, in January my body and organs went into shutdown, according to the surgeon… was very close to death.  I consider […]