Amstrad CPC Magnum Light Gun

Recently I was asked to provide some information on the Amstrad Magnum Light Gun, and so I fired up the old hardware, loaded up my Assembler and Monitoring Tools and set about reverse engineering this legacy and rare piece of kit.

Joybox – A Joystick Alternative

Back in 1988, I had an idea, it was simple... There were a number of games designed for Joystick only, and back then, I much preferred a keyboard than a joystick. Mainly for the accuracy and the feel of keys rather than waggling a piece of plastic and metal...

Modern Day Old School?

I blitzed my way through any protection system I could lay my hands on, we had everything from Speedlock, Appleby, Bespoke, Turbo Loaders, Musical Loaders and the general gaming community wanted games transferred from cheaper cassettes to disks. It didn't take long before I developed a number of automated tools for cracking back in the day.

D-Day 2020

It's 2020 and we're in lockdown akin to something from 1665 and the Bubonic Plague. Now restrictions are easing, what experience are you to expect from your Dentist? I found out this week having had Dental Pain since the start of lockdown, and now I'm fully grateful they've been able to accept some patients...

Are You Shearing?

Example of Sheep Shearing on Kangaroo Island, South Australia. Amazing experience we had at Paul's Place Wildlife Sanctuary, If you're into wildlife conservation then add this to your places to visit.

Victoria Peak

I found footage of our exploits around Hong Kong. It turns out my videography skills suck, and certainly not something I could take as a career.

Manic Miner V1.6b Released

You wanted some updates to the Manic Miner 2D Game Engine, so here they are, and I've finally documented the config driven engine to! It's freeware and can not be used for commercial gain/money/bitcoin etc.

Old School Arcade – PiCade

Building the PiCade Mini Arcade Cabinet brought back so many memories of Arcades in the 80's and my final build is no exception.

Fast Car

A life of corporate servitude took over and I rarely picked the guitar up since 2000, it's very rare I do as I become frustrated that the muscle memory faded and the chords to songs are lost somewhere in the old noodle.