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Wednesday: Johnny Hoopers Saxophone Bar

Johnny Hoopers Saxophone BarJohnny Hooper’s Saxophone Bistro

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Having navigated the Portugese roads to find Johnny Hooper’s Famous Saxophone Bistro and Bar, we discovered the restaurant closed on Wednesdays, however, have made a mental note to give him a call.

That said, shows are available on Tuesday’s and Fridays looking at the signage at the front, but you can contact the bar via the following link :-

We’ll let you know what the bar and food is like if we can get a booking!

That said, we found a rather excellent Chinese restaurant called Tim Tim (,-8.242768,3a,90y,335.75h,80.43t/) which offers both a buffet style meal (approx €10.25 per person including desert and Ice-Cream) or they have a rather excellent à la carte menu to choose from, the buffet was excellent quality with all the usual suspects available, service and staff was excellent and a friendly atmosphere, definitely worth a visit should you be in Albufeira!

TimTim Chinese Restuarant

Inside Tim Tim Chinese Restaurant

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