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A trip to Loulé… Is that Cake?

Yummy CakeLooks Like I Picked The Wrong Year to be a Diabetic!

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I’d decided to go for drive around Portugal (mainly to escape the other Big Brother Housemates), and with the help of my TomTom, it chose a random location … Loulé.

Having packed my camera, I press play on the iPod and drive for around 30 minutes before reaching the village.  Having found somewhere to park, the town looked a little run down, there were lots of cars … but hardly any people to be seen.  I had a feeling we’d walked on to the Mad Dogs set (although that was filmed in Mallorca).  It didn’t take long though to get back on the beaten track and find a fantastic cake shop called So Sweet that had home made cake 🙂

I couldn’t sample the cakey goodness, however I was assured the cake was lovely 🙂 and the bill surprisingly low!  If you’re in Loulé please pop in and say hello!

IMG 3349

IMG 3354

So Sweet Cake Shop, Loulé

So Sweet Cakes & Casa de chá 
Rua 5 de Outubro No3
8100-683 Loulé
Tel.: 289 419 085

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