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New Beginnings?


As I sit with my empty suitcase in front of me, I have to decide what to pack and what to keep on the next part of life’s journey.  You see, I’ve picked up a consultancy job out in Europe which means several things…

Travel… Lot’s of it! Planes, Trains and Automobiles…  You do get to see many familiar faces at the airport, business travellers making ends meet, a scene not dissimilar to the film with George Clooney “Up in the Air“.

Decide what essentials I need to pack to make the months away in hotels and leased accommodation more bearable….

The possibility of weekend exploring new locations…

You do get the initial rush of excitement and anxiety of going to new places, meeting new people, making new friends and experiencing different cultures, you also get to miss old familiar faces and friends.  Thankfully in today’s technological age of Skype its even easier to stay in touch (provided you have an internet connection), and the time difference isn’t huge in Europe, compared to working outside the EMEA region.

Any hoo…  As doors of opportunity open and close fairly regularly, I was reminded of this photo I took in Slovakia (The map to its location is below).  The strange thing  was the proportions of the door.  You’d think I’d applied a Tilt-Shift lens effect to the picture, but no, this is the unprocessed image of that one door.

Who knows what opportunities lie behind the door, if only we’re brave enough to take that step and look inside.

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