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Arc De Triomphe


The Arc De Triomphe (Paris, France), is an achievement in human labour and craftsmanship.  Construction was originally ordered in 1806 by Napoleon at the cost of ₣9.6 Million (French Francs ₣, which is the equivalent of an obscenely huge amount of money in today’s terms) to honour the “Grande Armee” who had conquered most of Europe.  The Grande Army was considered by many to be invincible, you can find the names of the 128 battles of the first French Republic and Napoleons Empire carved on the white walls under the vault along with the generals names that took part in them.

The Arc De Triumph construction took 30 years before it was finally completed in 1836, 15 years after Napoleon death in 1821.

It stands today as part of the ring road in Paris, you can visit the monument and climb to the top where you get some great views of Paris’s smog.

The photograph I processed in Photoshop using a Fresco Filter, minimal adjustments to the contrast and added Vignette.

The photograph below was taken whilst onboard the Hop On Hop Off bus driving around the ring road, and has negligible post processing.

Paris has so much to offer in terms of culture & sight-seeing that cramming everything in the one and half days I was there was simply a whistle stop tour.  I hope to get the opportunity to re-visit this city and pick up where I left off.

On an unrelated note though, the sculpture shown above is as much relevant today as it was back then, depicting how I feel living the corporate dream, as I continue to work through the weekend so you don’t have to!


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