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In the Summer Time when the weather is Hot…

This blog post has sat in my drafts posts for a couple of years now, never quite finished, nor whether sure to post it. That said, it was something positive to happen hence I decided to finally share!

It has to be said, I really do have some amazing friends, that have tried to support me best they can over the last 8+ months I’ve been home bound with various surgeries.  The widow community is very supportive and creative too in finding ways to keep our spirits high especially given that they are grieving for their partners too, it takes way more energy than non widowed folk can appreciate if you’re not in the same position we are.

Once I was able to be a bit more mobile, a couple of widowed friends down Bristol way organised a weekend of fun activities and helped arrange accommodation. I was still unable to walk without the aid of crutches, a surgical boot and help.

First thing on the agenda was a local play which I still refer to as DEAD about mass murderers in history working in a corporate environment in the pits of Hell. For such dark humour, it was genuinely funny AF and acted out well on stage.

The highlight of the tour was the unexpected visit to Tog Hill, which I later found out (after pulling my professional camera out) was the local hot spot after dark for Dog Walkers…

I think most of it’s been covered off in my older blog post, despite the friendships you make on the way, sometimes we’re only held together by the thinnest thread and bond of Widowdom, and eventually you part ways when you realise there’s nothing more in common. See:

I’ve made and lost some amazing friends over this shitty journey of grief, for those I’ve lost, I can only thank you for your time, effort and humour and wish you all the best in life. For everyone else who’s still with me, I’m not perfect but I do value our friendships, and your ability to help keep spirits up in these unprecedented time.


I was treated to the spectacular views of the River Avon, whilst grabbing a cheeky latte.

View of the River Avon
And of course Bristol is famous for it’s Graffiti artists.

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