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Are You Shearing?

Nah, Bugger off mate and git yer own! Yep the old ones are the best 🤦🏼‍♂️

We spent some time in Australia during Christmas 2012 for what was probably the best trip of a lifetime and we were very lucky to come across Paul’s Place Wildlife Sanctuary where occasionally they open to the public and you can see the conservation and rescue work that goes on here. It’s not a place for the squeamish as you will be hands on with many of the animals.

The sanctuary was a shortish drive from the Vista we were lodging at, and found the place late in the afternoon, unfortunately it was towards the back end of the tour hence we experience a smidge of the wildlife here, however Paul and his amazing family were very welcoming. Their youngest daughter (may have been 3 maybe 4?) had a lot of confidence about her as we looked on like lemons trying to work out if we’re at the right place, she took us to Paul and to the tour.

Janice fulfilled her dream of holding a Koala and a baby Roo which she fed from an adapted beer bottle.

If you’re planning on visiting Australia when lockdown restrictions are lifted and you’re into conservation of wildlife, then this is somewhere to add to your travel itinerary! About 20 minutes flight from Adelaide, or a ferry crossing over to Kangaroo Island, but please check ahead of their opening times..

I learned last year, during the devastating fires going through Australia, that Paul’s Place was severely affected last year and they’re trying to raise much needed funds to restore and keep the work going. If you have a spare sheckle or two, take a look at their go-fund me page

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