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Paul’s Place – Wildlife Sanctuary – Kangaroo Island

During a recent trip to South Australia, we paid a visit to Kangaroo Island, in the hope that we could spot Kangaroo’s in the wild. My wife and I weren’t disappointed! ‘Roo’s are readily found at dusk and dawn, so care when driving during this time is required as a startled ‘Roo jumping in front of your vehicle can cause several thousand dollars of damage. It’s worth checking your insurance cover, as some rental companies won’t cover you during these periods when the risk of wildlife damage is at it’s greatest.

Kangaroo Island is one of the most peaceful, beautiful and interesting places to visit, and one of the more interesting experiences we had was at Paul’s Place, Wildlife Sanctuary (

We’d been driving around the island for the day, and after visiting the Remarkable Rocks, we found Paul’s place around 4pm. The last tour started around 3pm (give or take) and note it is a fully working farm and wildlife sanctuary.

Even though there was a tour in progress, Paul let us join, the cost was around Aus$15 I think… I have to say this is an amazing experience and excellent value for money! If you ever have the opportunity to visit South Australia, please do make the effort to visit Kangaroo Island as you won’t be disappointed! It’s about a 25 minute flight from Adelaide, or a ferry journey. I strongly recommend a 4×4 vehicle as a majority of the roads are unsealed (Dirt roads).

Paul is a friendly outgoing farmer with a great sense of humour, and a natural showman with the visitors, we got to see many types of wildlife including Koala’s, Roo’s, Emu’s, Camels etc. in addition to a demonstration of shearing merino sheep, I won’t spoil the other great surprises he has in store for you! 🙂 but it was clear that the animals were very comfortable being around people, they approached you and were very gentle (even the sheep that gently nudged me to get at the food!), If you are interested I have a few photo’s taken on my Flickr channel (though you may need to right click and open in a new window).

What made this so special, was when the tour of the farm was over Paul called the wife and I over, where he picked up one of the ‘Roo’s put him in my wife’s arms and gave her a feeding bottle. The wife was ecstatic, having dreamt since a child about seeing Kangaroo’s in real life, but never thinking the opportunity to hold one and a Koala on the same day? That was the icing and cherry on the cake! Paul invited us to feed the other animals, which was an experience in itself, and for both of us an opportunity in a life time! Thank you to Paul and his wife for making us both feel so special.

A great day out for you, your partner and your children, I don’t think you will be disappointed with Paul’s Place 🙂

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