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The Break Down of Values in Society and Belief Systems

DSC_8373.jpgPeople over 40 who lived in the UK during the 80’s will quite rightly have their own view of Margaret Thatcher.  I’m not going to debate the rights and wrongs of one of UK’s greatest political leaders.  However one thing is certain, she was a leader who knew her mind, not afraid to set direction for the country (whether it was right or wrong) and delivered.  Can you really say that of today’s political leaders whose minds change as swiftly as the polls?

What I find disappointing is the degeneration of society in the UK and the lack of respect we have for someone’s family when they have died!  If it was Fred West, you may have a point…

It is particularly disrespectful to see young adults and teenagers holding celebrations in the streets singing “Ding Dong the Wicked Witch is Dead!”.  I’m left asking myself, were these youths around in the 80’s and experienced first hand the impact that Thatcher had on the country?  Or are they simply inheriting their views and beliefs from influential figures in their lives? or just trying to be controversial so they can get 15 minutes be seen on TV?  I say to those people, if you are not happy with Britain, you are free to leave at any time you choose.

What is apparent though, is how easily influenced the younger generation are today, given the amount of informational feeds, Facebook, Twitter, Google, Wikipedia etc, it’s very easy to distort and warp points of view and believe them to be factual.

Of course, if you’ve taken the time to research the subject matter, then that may have a different outcome, but at the same time the decisions and judgments now come from all the parameters/data available to us today.  Of course the belief systems change with time, and therefore the society we live in today is significantly different to the one in the 80’s which is again different to that of the 50’s and therefore it’s easier to make judgements given the parameters available today.

It has been reported that an estimated £8-10million is being spent on a state funeral, can this spend be justified in these austere times?  As a tax payer and someone who lived through the 80’s, I would say, absolutely, yes!  I may not agree with everything that was done, but Baroness Thatcher was the first woman voted by the public to be Prime Minister in the UK, not once, but three times!  Sure the money could be used for more teachers/nurses/firemen etc, but that would be a temporary plaster on the much bigger problem with have with administration, governance and control in today’s litigation happy nation.  If we can pour billions of pounds into propping up the banks, aid for other countries and natural disasters, then £10m to be frank is a drop in an ocean of this countries finances.

There’s more I could say on this issue, but will reserve my view for another post, the bottom line is that society may reserve the right to disagree with our political leaders and can reflect their views in the polling booths, but do have respect for those who have stepped up and made a difference, more importantly let their families mourn their passing.  

I can say these things and hold my point of view, as I lived and experienced these reforms first hand, I came from a simple mining town and witnessed first hand the hardships throughout the miners strikes, the fighting, the pickets, the shout of Scab and the formation of the UDM.

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