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Legacy Software Now Restored….

SmithAndBrooksLogoFor as long as I remember, and owned a computer, I’ve always written tools, utilities and games for whatever machine.  Starting out on a Commodore Pet and VIC-20, learning Basic and the 6502 Assembler was as exciting as it gets, moving onto the Commodore 16, Amstrad CPC 6128, Atari and Amiga’s before finally getting into PC with CGA Graphics Cards.  SVGA was only a dream away.  I now program for a range of computer architectures, wether it’s PC, Mac, Mobile Devices, Mid Range such as HP Non-Stop (AKA Tandem), Unix, AIX, POSIX etc, I suspect I won’t stop 😉

I love to dabble and learn new technologies, and have seen the step shift from the days of 8 bit computing to today’s behemoth’s that take time debugging due to the multi-tasking and multi-threaded behaviour of systems today.

Over the course of my “coding hobby” if you like, I’ve created various games and utilities that may be of interest to the community, some of these I licensed as freeware, and my more recent endeavours have a token amount associated with them.

So I know some have contacted me and asked can we make a donation, and the easiest way to do that is buy one of games available on the Apple AppStore/iTunes Stores.  Don’t own a Mac or an iPhone? No problem, iTunes will still let you make that nominal purchase 🙂

Seriously though, a number of you have contacted me and asked where the legacy software that used to host.  The reason it hasn’t been available is that my hosting company closed the free web service after 15 years, and paying for dedicated hosting isn’t an option currently.  So the next best thing is to use a content management system like wordpress.  This gives me more flexibility than my old style website did, but I’ve had problems hosting the binary files for the National Lottery Ticket Checker , the OFX Converter and the ilk.

I’m experimenting, and if anyone can recommend a solution, please drop me a line!

So enough rambling from me, the links in the menu bar should take you to the software download page that you require.  Simply hover over Games and Software and select the from that menu!

Please bear in mind, that it may take a while to get everything uploaded, so I appreciate your patience.

The legacy software is provided as-is, I can’t guarantee it will run on all platforms and development may have ceased for now.  In what ever free spare time I have, I’m predominantly coding for Mac and iOS, PC/Windows Development has taken a back seat for now.

Thank you for stopping by 😀


Smith And BrooksPlease Help Support Us As Independant Developers 🙂

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