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National Lottery Software Beta Build 1820 – Baseline

Build 1820 Statistics

Hello and thank you to those of you who have expressed an interest in the Beta program. Now before you get too excited, this doesn’t include the features and improvements that some of you have asked for yet. As you may know, my source code got lost over the years and I’ve recovered what I think to be the last latest version. So what this release is, more than anything else, is a baseline to the functionality that was present in build 1814 (Hopefully).

What I’m looking for, is feedback in terms of what differences if any does this produce checking your lottery numbers? The following has been introduced in this beta patch :-

  • Re-pointed references to my old BT Website that no longer exists.
  • Removed the Daily Play and Lottery Extra tabs as these have ceased.
  • Added the Euro Millions data feed and Tab.
  • Revamped the Statistics Tab, that was looking pretty garish TBH
  • You can now view ball statistics for Lotto, ThunderBall and EuroMillions.
  • See the number of times each ball has been drawn.
  • Cap the graph so you can see the top portion of the graph.
  • Minor Cosmestic Fixes.

I haven’t yet tackled the Ticket Checker and Member Manager, these interfaces need a complete rewrite. These are a work-in-progress and not yet ready for testing.

Common Features requested

  • Manual Input of Lottery Numbers.
  • Improved Syndicate Manager,

I’m looking for feedback from you, the user community,

Do you use the Ticket Checker in preference to the Member Manager?

Enhancements/bug fixes that might make your syndicate management easier? I can’t guarantee every feature request will be included.

Your honest and constructive feedback, i.e. am I flogging a dead horse here?

The update is an early BETA and therefore if you are an existing user, please take a backup of your existing TDF and SYN files before loading into this software. The program will use different registry keys and will live side by side with Build 1814.

There’s no fancy installer yet, simply download the LotteryBeta1820.exe file by clicking HERE or the picture above. Once downloaded double click the software, it will work on Windows 7 and should work on Windows XP.

I only have a Mac for developing software, and I’m therefore only capable of testing the software on Virtual Machines, therefore your feedback is important.

Smith And BrooksSmith And Brooks Please Help Support Us As Independent Developers 🙂


  1. It’s looking great mate. One request, any chance we could have Euro Millions included on the Ticket checker as I can never work that bugger out!!? I don’t use the Member manager at the mo but when I used to I found it a Godsend


    • Hi Neil, Yes is the short answer and I’m currently working on this, needs a bit of re-engineering. I’m looking for any significant errors with the current build, I’ll be updating the software over the coming days/weeks. You should get an auto notification from this build.

      Thanks for the info on the ticket checker, I’m in two minds to combine it with the syndicate manager, open to suggestions from the community 🙂


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