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Private Investigations Into – Played on an Alhambra 3C

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Yep, I’m still struggling to get the hang of multi-cam video editing when it comes to syncing sound, which is why you can hear the lead part starting to go out of sync.

Weirdly when using Audacity or Garageband to record audio there’s no issue. I’ll keep trying and I’m sure the answer will come to me 🙂

Equipment used :-

  • Alhambra 3C Spanish Guitar with Cutaway and Fishman Pickups
  • Apogee Jam USB Audio input to MacBook Pro

Video Editing :-

  • Final Cut Pro X
  • Motion 5
  • iMovie

In case you are interested the chords are :-

Key Gmajor

  • Em, Bm/D, A/C#, G/B, F/A, B7, Em, Gdim, F#m7b5, B7, Em

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