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Little Wenlock 2 – Wood Burning Stove

Little Wenlock 2

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A little unusual today’s post!  You can’t deny the benefits of a wood burning stove in your home, especially with the extreme winters we’ve been experiencing.  There’s also the sense of achievement to getting the fire started, building it up with scrunched newspaper, kindling and throwing some logs or smokeless coal to eventually get the room to nice and toasty temperatures, snuggling up to your loved one, cat, dog or cushions…

They can be economical to run, especially if you know where to scrounge wood and timber to burn!  So why in the middle of summer am I talking about it now?  

Well, as great as these burners are for heating your home, the dust and ash produced isn’t that great for us Asthmatics 😦 and so reluctantly I find myself having to remove the burner and replace it with an old fashioned gas fire.

A friend of mine is taking it off my hands, but I thought I’d lost the instructions.  Having searched on Google, I couldn’t find a match for this stove.  After further digging around, the documents were recovered from my filing cabinet.  So if you find yourself to be in possession of this model stove and need the  installation or operation instructions, then here they are :-

  1. LittleWenlock2InstallationInstructions.pdf

  2. LittleWenlock2OperatingInstructions.pdf
Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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