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Antigua – An Island Paradise

A Taste Of Paradise

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It's holiday season, and unusually this time round I'm spending two weeks extreme DIY'ing at home. As I'm missing the travel, the sun and the opportunities out there, I'd thought I share some photo's of Antigua where I was lucky enough to visit fairly recently 🙂

Normally, I would share tips and tricks for you whilst visiting new locations, Antigua was, however, a holiday of pure relaxation, so not out and about with my camera as I like to be.

The roads in Antigua are some of the worst I've seen for a Caribbean Island, huge potholes are rife, and so if you're not used to these driving conditions, then I recommend driving only in the day, and relatively slowly, as it's all too easy to have a blow out or damage to your rental vehicle.

The Island was friendly, and you really must visit Shirley Heights. At the time of going, you had to wear formal dress, Shirt, Trousers, Shirt, full dress for the ladies. It's worth the visit, but unless your climatised to the heat and humidity, you will be wetter than ocean by the time you're ready to get back to your hotel!

Hurricane Season starts around June to November, strangely you can get some cheap deals during this time, I've chanced it and been relatively lucky. The weather can change quickly, warm rain and storms to quickly clear and sunny in minutes. Hurricanes do come and go, the Islanders are usually well prepared for this, however as a tourist, you do need to follow the advice given by your hotel, and don't try to be Bruce Willis!

You do need to be careful with the heat and the sun, depending on where you are staying, we found that one part was exceptionally hot and no wind, walk 200 yards to the other side of the atlantic and you get a cool breeze, but it's just as hot and without sunblock you will burn very quickly!

The Island is visited by celebrities and where we were staying, David Emmanuel, Timothy Dalton and that bloke who sang “Her Name Is Rio and She Dances On The Sand” were all at the same hotel, amazing 🙂

You can see more photo's of Antigua by clicking this link

Enjoy your holidays and travels, wherever they may be this year 😀

Antigua meets the AtlanticPanorama of St James Bay



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