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Mumbai Calling! – Press 5 for Food …

BreakfastBreakfast at the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel!

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Ok, so I’ve had a dodgy stomach for a few days now, This is probably down to the antimalarial tablets (Malarone) I’m taking as opposed to the food.  The feeling of nausea increases around an hour after taking the tablets.  So I have to admit I’ve not yet sampled the delights of a Dosa breakfasts or the many spicy treats on offer.  Which is a shame really, as I love a good curry.

That said, In between the bought’s of throwing up, I have managed to sample some of the Indian cooking here, both at the hotel and in restaurants, and the food is simply amazing.  Yes it’s spicy, but unlike back home, spiceyness isn’t strictly related to heat.  I think we put way too much chilli peppers in European Indian food, and I have to say it’s really tasty.  It’s a shame we can’t get good authentic Indian cooking at home.

Unfortunately, I simply forgot to take photo’s of some of the wonderful food here in India.  However, as a traveller, you do need to be careful.  If you haven’t yet climatised to the food and had your first round of Deli Belly, then there are some simple tips to help avoid getting a bad dose….

  • 1) Only drink bottled water.  If you prefer carbonated water, do take that, it’s harder to fake.  One of the biggest tricks out here is to reseal a bottle with tap water.
  • 2) Eat hot freshly prepared food.  You may be careful, but simple stuff like lettuce may have been washed in local water.  This is less relevant in hotels as they are accustomed to foreign travellers and their food hygiene standards do rival these back home.
  • 3) Vitamin C supplements, take daily helps fight any possible bugs.

Talk to the chefs at the hotel, their culinary skills are first class, and if something on the menu doesn’t grab your attention, they are only too pleased to offer you a selection of their speciality dishes.  They will love you for asking and taking an interest too!  Yes, they’ll prepare the usual hotel menu, but their local dishes really are tasty, I wish I could remember the names of each of the meals I’ve tried.

Meals are very cheap here in India, a five star restaurant will get you a full meal, drinks for around €15, leave the hotel and you can get a good meal for four of you with drinks and transport for about €5 ahead!  If you go where the locals eat, then be prepared to pay significantly less!  Imported drinks, like coke, beers and spirits will be expensive.  Eat and drink local, and you could live for months out here!

Language of course is a wonderful thing, and I found this rather amusing…  Yes, My childish sense of humour got the better of me… Though the locals couldn’t see the funny side!

Spunky Drinks? I Hope Not! :)Spunky Drinks? I Hope Not! 😉


Thankfully Not Spunky Drinks!Thankfully No Trace 😉


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