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The Flying Saucer – Bratislava

The Flying SaucerThe Flying Saucer – Bratislava – Slovakia.

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This photo was taken by hand from the ground, about 1000ft away using my trusting Nikon and an 18-300mm Lens, processed in Lightroom and Nik HDR Efex 2, as this was a bracketed (three exposure -1, 0, +1).  

If you take a look at the full sized photo on Flickr (by clicking the photo) you will see that the windows of the UFO has created an abstract of the ground below, which is something I couldn’t see with the naked eye from the ground.  The exact location for the photo?  See the map below!

Slovakia is an interesting place to visit, and if you are planning on travelling the Danube, it’s worth stopping off for a few days to experience the night life, culture and what is has to offer!

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