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In Search Of the Poifect Boiger….


In Search of the Perfect Burger….

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With thanks to Pulp Fiction, I thought the “Big Kahuna Burger” was a real burger… thus my initial search for such a tasty treat (as Samuel L. Jackson eluded to in the movie).  

Turns out, I should have just googled it to realise the “Big Kahuna Burger” is fictional 😦

So, I’ve decided to try different types of burger offered by the various chains, and private franchises to find the perfect burger, how hard can it be?

Before I much my way through the list, I would love to hear what your favourite burger is and why, and ultimately where can I try it?  This is my goal as I work my way through America one burger joint at a time 🙂

Ok, so “Bread Zeppelin” is not technically a Burger joint but as it was next door to Five Guys, the name made me laugh out loud, I had to include it here.

You’ve gotta love the American sense of humour, “Red Hot and Blue” would be a pay per view channel that operates after midnight back home, or the perfect name for the next Peppermint Hippo branch of night clubs…  The pulled pork burger was ok, it needed something stronger to flavour the BBQ I felt, and wasn’t anything to shout about.

To many, “Smashburger” is a popular choice here in Dallas, for me, SmashBurger suffered lack lustre service with low quality meat.  The burger bun felt like it had been marinaded in lard for three days, it was not a pleasant experience and left me wanting something strong to take the taste away, like paint stripper…

Next up, “Wendy’s”, I have to admit, having a Wendy Burger has been on my bucket list for many years, and finding one wasn’t difficult.  The service here was well below par for a fast food joint, with impatient and rude staff (the place was empty), so I hoped the burger would make up for it.  On the first occasion, it wasn’t disappointing, but it wasn’t the burger experience I had dreamed of for many years.  It was greasy, it had some flavour but tasted more like a McDonalds cheeseburger.  I tried the place twice, but the second time the burger was overcooked, (almost burnt) and was so awful I simply binned it and found somewhere else to eat.  I think the experience differs depending on the staff and the time of day, but when children run the place, don’t expect manners…

Boing said Zebedee… well actually it “Jack in the Box” service was much better at this fast food place, and the burger was greasy but wasn’t a totally unpleasant experience, not much more I can say on this.

After these burgers, I was craving Chicken, and what better place to try than “Chick Fil A”.  The service here was fantastic, run by high school students, they paid attention, made recommendations and were genuinely quite helpful.  I went with the healthy option of a Grilled Chicken Burger off the menu, unfortunately the burger had too much seasoning either oregano or something similar which made the taste of chicken dissapear, perhaps the less healthy option would have been a better choice.  However, my burger took 12 minutes from order to arrival, and without quibble, they gave me a free voucher for a Chick-Fil-A burger next time round.

“FM Smoke House”, what a fantastic place, great menu, and tasty burgers!  The staff here are brilliant, attentive, though I did have trouble with my Coke Zero which had sugar in it, once I explained to my server that I am a Diabetic, they apologised and tested every refill as they understood what it meant, as their partner was diabetic too!

“Five Guys Burgers” have been voted by many as the best burger in America, and frankly so far I have to agree, the Burger had a fantastic taste and sensation as you chomped down on it, unlike one I’ve experienced before.  As you enter the restaurant you will find boxes of shelled peanuts, simply grab a small cardboard tray and fill it up, the peanuts are part of the experience and free when you order your burger.  However something to note, you have to order fries separately, something that caught me out when my burger turned up Sans-Fries.

The only downside to this great burger, was the fries, strangely they had a cardboard flavour to them, that made them dull and unpalatable, which is shame really, as this means my search for the perfect burger lives on.

I should create a league table of burgers as I work my way around America in 2015…

Bye for now 🙂

IMG 4708Bread Zeppelin

Red Hot & BlueRed Hot and Blue

Smash BurgerSmash Burger

Wendy BurgerWendy’s Burger

Jack in the BoxJack in the Box


ChickenBurgerChicken Burger – Chick Fil A

FM Smoke HouseFM Smoke House

Five Guys Burger Place Las ColinasFive Guys – Dallas

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