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Happy Turkey Day/Thanksgiving!

Ok, it’s an old one, and this is for my friends across the pond… for my friends in Europe I’ll probably re-use this on December the 24th when most Turkeys go in the oven at night! 🙂



Step 1: Buy a turkey.

Step 2: Have glass of wine.

Step 3: Stuff turkey.

Step 4: Have glass of wine.

Step 5: Put Turkey in oven.

Step 6: Relax, and have another few glasses of wine.

Step 7: Turk the bastey.

Step 8: Wine of glass another get.

Step 9: Ponder the meat thermometer.

Step 10: Glass yourself another pour of wine.

Step 11: Bake the wine for 4 hours.

Step 12: Take the oven out of the turkey.

Step 13: Floor the turkey up off the pick.

Step 14: Turk the carvey.

Step 15: Get yourself another wattle of bine.

Step 16: Tet sable, pour yourself another glass of turkey.

Step 17: Say grace, throw-up, and pass out.


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