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Cinnamon, Raisin and Oatmeal Cookies

Amazing recipe by a fellow wid… Give her blog a try 🙂

Bits of Baking and stuff I wrote

Helloooo bitches! Hows the weekend going? I was going to be all seasonal and shit and do a blog about Strawberry jam, but its raining, so fuck that.

I hadn’t planned to do cookies, but I was hungry and I am shit at shopping on account of working and being tired due to my boyfriend waking me up at night. He is dead, so it’s not really his fault, but I’m still blaming him for the nightmares I have about him dying. I am sure he’d be OK with this as he loved blaming me for shit when he was here and vice versa. Also he is still my boyfriend in my mind, I am not single. There’s a reason for that tick box on forms, “Married, Single, Widowed” its a whole different social class, I’m telling you. I feel most at home in the company of my kind, the…

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