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Never a Dull Moment…

Breakfast Shenanigans

You can’t take me anywhere without some mishap or incident.

Upon deciding to get out of the house and seek breakfast, I drove to my favourite eatery, I haven’t been there since March I think.  The staff remembered me though, and not only that, what my favourite breakfast was. It had been ordered before I’d been shown to my seat (hobbling around on one crutch). 😋😋😋

It wasn’t particularly busy, however shortly after breakfast arrived, there was a bit of a discussion between a manager and member of the team.  I caught part of the conversation and deduced that the people who were sat at the table in front of me had buggered off and not paid enough to cover the bill.  In fact, they were short by £10 (The Bastards) …

Eventually the customers had left (it was a very quiet morning) so I struck up a conversation with the lady who usually serves me.  After some more digging, I learned that indeed people had left without paying the complete bill, not only that but the manager expected them to foot the shortfall from their wages.

I felt that completely unfair, given they’d not been given a chance.  The people timed it right by leaving some money, making a point of it whilst the waitress was busy with another order.  Why should they suffer someone’s dishonesty?

I said to her, I’m sure a huge national company can stem the loss of one bill, and that’s when things turned really interesting.  The poor girl (who’s been there for many years) spilt the beans on what really happens in retail.  Shocking really.😳

  • Managers who get elevated salaries, mileage allowances etc. are dipping into the tips left for servers (which apparently, they’re not meant to do).
  • Staff & Managers voiding transactions and pocketing the cash.
  • Managers creating phantom employees (kitchen staff) to pay themselves additional salary.
  • Helping themselves to alcohol
  • And more!

Apparently, they’re supposed to report this stuff to head office, but that attracts attention as they will download the transactions from the till which will reveal the extent of transaction voiding etc.

I said, there must be a whistle blowing hotline she can call? She’s scared to, since most of the staff are on the take and they’d know who did it since she tells me they are the only one there with integrity.  It’s not worth it for a few quid here and there.

If the company know this is rife amongst employees, then why not pay a better than average salary to reduce the risk of people on the take?  Or better vetting of staff and repercussions when caught?

Never a dull moment when I’m out and about.🙄

Now where’s my free coffee refill ☕️😋

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