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Less of a Yeti… First World Problems…

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Finally managed to get a hair appointment this morning, like many of you that have waited patiently for an appointment since lockdown, I got lucky.  I know it’s not exactly life or death is it?  Besides, I’ve been rocking the Fred Flintstone/Neanderthal look for a few months now.

I got a call a day before to explain that due to current restrictions and latest guidance, they are unable to do anything with the beard due to risk, although they offered to cancel the whole appointment, I said no, it’s time to look human again…

What was the experience like?

A bit surreal… On entering the salon, they checked my temperature, ensured I was wearing a full-face mask before leading me via a series of clearly signed pathways to my chair, ensuring the flow of people didn’t cross paths.

The only real difference was the addition of Perspex screens between chairs, no free coffee, stylists wore full PPE and gloves.  For the customers we’re given a plastic sheet instead of a gown, plus an extra £10 for my cut for the privilege…

Everything else was normal… Just so glad I’m feeling less like a Yeti and more me again… I know… First World Problems and all that!

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