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Jabby McJabby Day

The Jab…

Hello all, I know there are many varied views on the vaccines being rolled out across the world right now in respect to COVID. I’m not wanting to start a debate on whether it’s good or bad for you as we will have all formed our views by now.

Today’s entry is about my personal experience of the vaccination.

I received a text from my GP Surgery inviting me to go online and register for the vaccine. Within two minutes the appointment was booked for the following week.

The vaccination centre I wasn’t familiar with, by the power of SatNav I found it. The centre was very well staffed, from the moment I entered the driveway of the facility, Stewards were directing traffic, where to park and clear instructions on where to start the process.

I entered the facility with my mask on, and used hand sanitiser before registering at the front desk. This was a painless experience and within about 1 minute of arrival, was sat down in the vaccination chair, where I was greeted by a nurse and a volunteer who went through their check list. Due to certain allergies they called a medic over to ask some further questions, and I was cleared for the Jab.

The jab was painless, and over before I knew it, I was given a vaccination card before being directed to some chairs to sit for at least fifteen minutes. I was happy to go home straight away, but we all have to wait incase there’s any side effects that manifest themselves.

And that was it, no drama, no fuss, I’ve been microchipped 🤣. The whole process was slick and frictionless, in/out job done, no fuss, no drama.

I went for the jab and all I got was this free pamphlet!

Talking to the nurses, I discovered that there are people who fail to show for their vaccine (Daily occurence), and people who do turn up but have been scared off by the armchair experts of Dr Google and Nurse Facebook and choose not to have it, wasting a valuable appointment slot for those of the public that do. Not to mention a vaccine that’s wasted due to storage limitations.

As I said, it’s a personal and informed choice whether the vaccine is right for you. I for one, can’t wait to see real people again and not just a computer screen, and once well enough to travel, I need a holiday.

Personally I see this as no different to getting the Yellow Fever, Rabies, Meningitis, Flu or Pneumonia inoculations or any preventive medicines we get throughout life. Only time will tell if it was the right thing to do. For now, I feel I’ve done my bit getting the country back to normality.

As for side effects? It’s too early to tell, but having had the Pfizer Jab for a few hours now, I’ve suddenly developed a craving to install Internet Explorer 6, Realise that Windows Vista was misunderstood and to pledge my allegiance to Bill Gates… “Down with Apple!”… 😳 On the positive side, having had the Pfizer jab, I’m handling more wood than a Canadian Lumberjack that only a Pfizer product could give you 🤔😜. Nah… only kidding.

What ever you decide, keep to your appointment should you make one, and hopefully see you all in a post apocalyptic lockdown future.

Update: It’s been four hours and my arm feels like it’s had one punch from Mike Tyson, so far no different to the Flu shot I have annually…

If anything interesting develops, I’ll post an update… Did I mention Bill Gates is the King? 🤔🤣


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