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Category: NHS

Life After Sepsis

The title of today’s blog sounds sensationalist but the fact is, in January my body and organs went into shutdown, according to the surgeon… was very close to death.  I consider […]

Next of Kin Conundrum…

Nurse: “Next of Kin is blank!” Me: Yes I know, I have no one. Nurse: What about Relative, Friend, Brother/Sister/Child etc. Me: I’ve explained it’s blank because I have no one. Nurse: Well have you considered putting a friend down? Me: I’m fairly intelligent and considered a lot of options, and frankly there isn’t anyone, besides should I join the choir invisible I wouldn’t be too concerned?

Adventures in NHS Counselling… Day 2

I arrive for my appointment a little stressed since roadworks closed the only access to the building and I had to find alternate parking… I hobble the distance on my […]

Bereavement Counselling in the modern day NHS

After 13 months since losing Janice to such an awful disease I’m finally granted bereavement counselling courtesy of the NHS.  Its proven very difficult to access any services for bereavement when you actually need them!   Here's my story...