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Next of Kin Conundrum…

Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 20.14.12Can I catch a frickin’ break?

TL;DR: I’m a walking nightmare, the NHS don’t understand the concept of No Next Of Kin…

The story…

Today I was off to the hospital to see the consultant about my busted ankle…

Thankfully?!? It was playing up today and I’m in excruciating pain.  If you could see it now you can see and feel the two Tendons across the ankle bone thing, which look like two veins have popped out. 😖

He confirmed that the Tendons are clearly dislocated and probably cause is my knee surgery, without the MRI he can’t determine the best route for repair until he opens me up.  In the meantime he will request the scans from the private clinic.  He’s confirmed that surgery is the only option, having signed the consent form I’m on the emergency cancellation list for which he is hoping to get a date with Mr Slicey in the next couple of weeks.

There are some high risks given the diabetes, of blood clots, infection and the usual disclaimers including the % chance I will experience significant life pain post surgery due to nerves and stuff…

I’m sent with my medical file to the Pre-Op Assessment Clinic on the other side of the hospital, where I hobble along with crutch in toe…

First up… The HCA, who recognised me from last October and we had a bit of a giggle, especially when using the “Peak Flow” meter, as I’m about to let rip, she says with that thing in my mouth looks like I’m giving a really bad BJ… Well it was game over as I hadn’t laughed so much in a long time… 😂

The pharmacist recognised me from the ward I was on, we complete the relevant review  and finally the Nurse…

Nurse: “Next of Kin is blank!”
Me: Yes I know, I have no one.

Nurse: What about Relative, Friend, Brother/Sister/Child etc.
Me: I’ve explained it’s blank because I have no one.

Nurse: Well have you considered putting a friend down?
Me: I’m fairly intelligent and considered a lot of options, and frankly there isn’t anyone, besides should I join the choir invisible I wouldn’t be too concerned?

Nurse: Well have you considered Power of Attorney…

Geez she’s like a dog with a bone because a field is blank on her computer that appears to be non-mandatory, doh! Of course, how silly of me not to consider the many options. However discussing with friends although I’ve communicated in advance just switch me off, they’re very uncomfortable to agree that.

Me: Why are we admiring the problem? I’ve communicated there is no one, it will have to be blank until I have a better option!
Nurse: If something happened it would be a police matter…

Me: Again, I’ll be with the Choir Invisible so I don’t think I’d be overly concerned, can we just move on or do I really need to complain?

The conversation ensued for another 10 minutes, when she glances through my medical file and spots the Red DNACPR form I completed and signed just before my last surgery…

Nurse: What’s this?

Me: It’s a DNACPR, I have on registered with my GP too J
Nurse: Is it still current?

Me: Yes, I don’t wish to be burden on society.
Nurse: Have you sought counselling?

Me: …Adventures in NHS Counselling… Day 2

Why is it so difficult? I’m reasonably intelligent, I hope I can articulate and communicate decisions clearly and concisely, what am I doing so fundamentally wrong?

There we have it, I will be back on the same ward I was on before, being sliced and diced at the ankle now.  I will be in a plaster cast (quite possible a full leg cast).  Out of action for several weeks with even more limited mobility… I really wish the healthcare provider hadn’t collected my OT aids yesterday…

The positives?

Hopefully my ankle will be repaired and I can get back to recovery!
Had a good old laugh with the HCA.

The downside…

More time off work

Reduced Mobility

Got to sort out OT aids again…

Doing it on your own…

I miss Janice, my soul mate 💔


  1. I’m sorry you’re having such a crap time! Hopefully it will go as smoothly as possible and if miracles can happen with less of the bureaucracy crap that you’ve had of late!! Keep on writing though – I hope it helps in some way? I do like to read about others even if it’s all a bit shit. I’m always up for a game of “words with friends” or whatever it’s called if you get bored recouperating! Let me know!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Vickie 😊 I also hope this one goes more smoothly than the last, though what are the chances I get the same bed with the faulty remote 😂😂 WWF Sounds good and hope you get some resolution with the ILs your posts are quite funny and tasty too 😋

      Liked by 1 person

      • Thanks! I never wrote anything before and started it upon suggestion from another wayer. I quite enjoy it! Got to keep hold of my sense of humour – it’s all I have left apart from my amazing cookery skills of course! Let me know what type of games you like and I’ll add the apps!! Can imagine it drags in hospital!


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