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Reversion Therapy…

Hop Skip and a Jump

It’s inevitable, once in the corporate space you can’t avoid the lingo that goes with it. What I really object to is the English language being used incorrectly in corporate email, and it seems that the word revert has entered the psyche of the average user.

For example, “I’m looking for further information on product X, please revert to me in the first instance” Or, “please revert to me if you want a Tea!”

For the record, as defined by



verb (used without object)


to return to a former habit, practice, belief, condition, etc.:They reverted to the ways of their forefathers.


Law . to go back to or return to the former owner or to his orher heirs.


Biology . to return to an earlier or primitive type.


to go back in thought or discussion: He constantly reverted to his childhood.

So what am I to do? Back out the email?

I think what they mean is reply, but like anything in corporate speak/psyche is that if it sounds

“hip to the jive daddy’o”

Then inevitably it’s continued incorrect use will pollute our beautiful language.

So please, I beg you, let’s put this baby to bed, before you stick a stake in the ground, run it up the flagpole and see who salutes, whilst reaching out to your colleagues and socialise the idea with your execs.

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