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You Frame Self Assembly Canvas

Having spent several weeks in Australia, and taking a large number of great photographs, I thought they deserved better treatment than printing in 5 x 7 format on my home printer. For a while I’ve always wanted to see what my photo’s would look like on canvas, after searching the web I found a company that not only prints direct to canvas, but offer a number of montage options too!

YouFrame offer a 70% discount for first time customers (They will email you a coupon code), which in my opinion, offers exceptional value for money given the high quality of their actual end product!

The ordering process is different from other companies I’ve used, in that you choose the products that you wish to purchase and make payment before uploading your photo’s. YouFrame emails a link/invitation to upload your photographs using a file transfer service for your montage. The link is specifically for file transfer to You Frames labs, and allows for a selection of images up-to 2Gb with a single image size of a whopping 1Gb to be uploaded. The 1Gb option is perfect for high definition images and creative professionals using photoshop.

The company offer some good values extra’s such as a smaller version of your canvas print for a much reduced price. Handy for a gift to friends and family.

Here I chose the montage option, you simply name your main image, mainImage.jpg and the other images in your montage anything other than the main image name, in my case, I used Adobe Lightroom to export the images as random000.jpg (i.e. numbers images).

Once your images have finished uploading to the file transfer service, you will receive email notification (within a working day) that the images have been received and being processed by the You Frame technicians. Wait a few days and in the post you will receive a package that contains your printed canvas, and a framing kit that you can simply assemble.

Rather than describe how to assemble the frame, I’ve created a short video which demonstrates how to assemble and stretch the canvas onto the aluminium frame.

The adhesive used appears to be very strong so if you accidentally misplace it on your canvas, it’s game over, so do take the time to line everything up.

For someone who doesn’t faff as much as I do, you can probably assemble the canvas in 3-5 minutes.

I was very impressed with their customer services having contacted YouFrame with a query about my montage they were friendly and helpful, delivery was within a few days of YouFrame receiving the order and photographs, the canvas and printed image is very high quality, overall I am very impressed with You Frame and their technicians choice of placing the images randomly on the canvas. If you use them, I am sure you will be just as delighted to.


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