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Check-In and Security – Day 1

Vetruvian ManTickets Booked, Suitcase packed, Passport at the ready… Check… Sun Block, Gadget Bag and Camera, all the essentials for a much needed break and some sun 🙂

It seems the older I get, the less straight forward stuff seems to be, especially when I’m travelling 🙂  Considering the air miles racked up with my line of work, you can guarantee one thing, I always forget to pack something, whether it’s a belt, toothbrush, or some item of clothing no matter how organised I’ve tried to be, I’m not getting any better 🙂

In fact, my first airport panic happened recently when I couldn’t find my passport, having only handed it in at a check-in desk only 10 minutes earlier, but that’s another story!

It’s easy to spot the less frequent fliers, they’re the ones holding up the security checkpoint while they faff around with their layers of clothes, jewellery and gadgets, still thinking it’s ok to take their liquids through and arguing their case with the security folk.  There’s a suggestion, a queue for seasoned flyers and one for the average holiday maker.

Not me though!  On flight days I tend to wear easy clothing, no jewellery, thus getting ready for airport security checks is quick and painless.  

This time, everything was running as expected, at the airport in time, checked in, through security and time to relax and grab some breakfast.  I waited patiently until my flight was called, and then joined the queue of passengers waiting to board.  It’s at this stage I start my ritual, switching gadgets to flight safe mode, iPhone, MacBook Pro and iPad…?!?

Wait where’s my iPad?  It’s not in my bag, I pulled everything out while passengers were boarding, and then it struck me, it’s either been stolen, or I’ve been a numpty and left it in the airport security scanner…

Cue Dream Scene Moment and Wavy Lines in Wayne’s World Stylee….

Some airports insist on laptop’s being X-Ray’d as a separate item, others want all electronic gadgets as separate items, i.e. iPhone, iPad etc.  At this airport, the signs were only for laptops but no iPads, so I put my laptop in the tray, and left my iPad in the bag.  

Security pulled the bag and requested to run it through again with the iPad as a seperate item.  When it was cleared I started re-packing my bag.  Whilst doing so I was distracted by a large instrument case passing through the x-ray scanners, It may have been a Sitar, but I was wondering how on earth it managed to get through the comparatively small aperture, distracted and packed I left to find breakfast.  Looking back this was the root cause of my iPad loss, momentary lapse of concentration…

End Dream Scene…

I ran back through the airport to the security control point setting a speed record that Usain Bolt would be proud of, and spoke to the security guys whilst out of breath.  I was relieved to learn I had left my iPad behind, I had to answer a few questions, and thankfully they saw the funny side of what happened (it could have been much worse), they were however a little disappointed they couldn’t raffle it off in their staff “Lost Luggage Star Prize Raffle”.  

I now had to run the gauntlet back to my flight gate, had all the passengers boarded? Would I be allowed to board my flight?  Could I beat Usain Bolt’s land speed record?, would I get stopped by security for running in an airport?  The answer of course will be in a follow up blog 🙂


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