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Beware of Scammer

None Shall Pass

Given the focus and media attention on data breaches over recent years which have affected probably most major names you’ve bought something from, why do companies still find it so difficult to educate customer services staff on safe ways of handling customer queries and complaints?

The Thief, The Police and the Honest Person

Being cautious, I didn’t want to pass a stranger my home address (it could have been a scam), after taking some details from him, I called our local police on 101. After a two hour on-hold message, I spoke to a helpful lady on the control desk, who took some details and managed to find the original crime reference number. She understood my concerns and promised to call me back after speaking to the gentleman.

Securing Your Facebook Account

With the volume of data breaches occurring today, it can be a minefield securing your social media accounts. This article will give you a quick run down on what to do to secure your data.

Transportation & Authority

There’s a lot to see and do around Cairo if you’re prepared to take the plunge, but always follow your guides advice.  A good guide will give you safety advice […]

Be Less Dog and More Cat…

As I was lying in my pit suffering from Man Zika Flu (It’s like regular man-flu but much much worse!) whilst playing Call of Zombie Candy Soda Crush Palaver on my […]

Mumbai Calling!

Urban Monkey                  My bags packed, I have a couple of months supply of anti-malarials, my boosters are up to date, Yellow Fever, Hep A/B, Rabies […]

Check-In and Security – Day 1

Tickets Booked, Suitcase packed, Passport at the ready… Check… Sun Block, Gadget Bag and Camera, all the essentials for a much needed break and some sun 🙂 It seems the […]