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Mumbai Calling! – Press One For Room Service

IMG_2226.jpgPress 1 for Room Service!

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I’m still very tired at this time of the morning, 6:30am I have 30 minutes before my car arrives to take me from Mumbai to Pune, and I’ve had less than 3 hours sleep.  If I was a “Blues Brother” I would have said half a packet of cigarettes and hit it!…

Breakfast at “The Best Marigold Hotel” was little short of superb, there was a range of choice and the buffet catered for all nationalities.  However, I was tired, not so hungry, and a couple of coffee’s and orange juice later I’m ready to check out and hit the streets of Mumbai 🙂

Ah, my new company card… Apparently India has gone Chip and PIN, and guess what? Yep, I don’t have my PIN as my card arrived just two days before my flight…  I explain this to the manager, who politely sat me in a holding area for just over an hour whilst they sorted it out with their acquiring bank and I could sign for the transaction.  I guess they thought I might do a runner, to be fair, they did ensure I was comfortable before the matter was resolved.  

My driver was delayed, so getting the office on time is going to be a tough one!

I emerge into the daylight to see Mumbai in front of me, and it is obvious that there is a clear class divide.  I hadn’t noticed on my way in as it was dark, but the 5 star hotel was slap bang in the middle of what can be described as a polluted run down area.  Think the opening scenes of slum dog millionaire and you know what I mean! It’s kinda heart breaking and making me think about my value system.

Right, I’m about to get into my car and head for a 4 hour drive to Pune, so this is my last internet connection for a while!  Wish me Luck 🙂

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