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National Lottery Software Update – Rebooted :)


In the 90’s I created a piece of software to automatically download the lottery results and check my tickets, I was too lazy to do this manually.  This project originally started off as an exercise to teach myself Internet Programming and Client Side GUI Interfaces.

Well, the program grew, in both size and functionality.  It’s not perfect, but did give users the ability to manage their syndicates on some level.  Also surprisingly, the software won awards in magazines like ZDNet, and others that I no longer remember.

As you know I’ve not really released an update for a number of years, mainly the usual excuses, Family life, work, illness, and no longer owning a PC, losing my source code for a couple of years.  Today, I develop primarily on Apple Mac and iOS mobile devices.

I thought the program was probably long disused, but a number of people, some of whom were involved in the original project, have contacted me about EuroMillions Support.  So using my Mac running Windows 7 as a Virtual Machine, I’ve started to invest some time in the program update.  Though to be honest it needs a complete re-write, my coding in the 90’s looks like a kindergarten student wrote it!

So, I’m looking for volunteers to get involved in a Beta, to provide feedback so that I can look at updating the program for the ‘Teenies 🙂

Graphics will need an overhaul, but TBH, functionality needs to be present to, also I don’t have as much time to do this stuff as I did in the 90’s.

If you are interested in getting involved, please join the Smith and Brooks Facebook page (Click Like, and Share the Lottery Update with your friends).

Let’s see if the interest is sufficient to kick start a complete redevelopment, or am I flogging a dead horse 🙂

Thanks for your help and your support over the years 🙂

Smith And BrooksSmith And Brooks Please Help Support Us As Independent Developers 🙂

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