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Work Continues on the Lottery Software Update!

Euro Lottery Statistics

Here’s a sneak preview of the ongoing work updating and improving the Lottery Ticket Checker and Syndicate Management Software.  The software is still under construction, but I would like to thank everyone who has sent emails of support and encouragement as I resurrect this old project and make the long needed improvements.  You can still download the older version by clicking HERE!  If you haven’t already, please consider subscribing to my blog to receive updates on Software, Travel, Photography, Tips and Tricks and of course the Grumpy Old Man complaining about society 😉 In the mean time, here’s some Lottery Trivia for you.

Euro Lottery :-

  • The most frequent “Lucky Stars” are Three and Five, the least frequent are Ten and Eleven!
  • The five most frequent Balls drawn in descending order are Fifty, Four, Forty Four, Nineteen and Eleven.
  • The least popular balls drawn are Forty Seven, Fifty, Thirty Three, Thirty Two and Forty Six

Thunderball :-

  • The most frequent “Thunderball Drawn” are Four and One, the least frequent are Ten and Six!
  • The five most frequent Balls drawn in descending order are Thirty TwoTwenty EightSixSeven and Four.
  • The least popular balls drawn are One, Thirty Four, Twenty Two, Seventeen and Thirty Five (Drawn only 40 times out of 1442 Thunder Ball draws!)

National Lottery :-

  • The five most frequent Balls drawn in descending order are Thirty Eight, Thirty One, Twenty Three, Twenty Five and Forty Four.
  • The least popular balls drawn are Fifteen, Forty One, Twenty, Sixteen and Thirteen.
  • Ball Sets 9 and 13 are yet to make an appearance.
These are just some of the facts you can discover with the software!

If you wish to support us further, please click on the AppStore logo to purchase one of our titles from iTunes!

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