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Mumbai Calling! – Press Three for Sight Seeing … Continued!

Aga Khan PalaceAga Khan Palace

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Next stop on the places to visit, Aga Khan Palace, where Ghandi was interned from 10th August 1942 until 6th May 1944.  

This is a place of significance and for the 5 Rupee’s entrance fee, is definitely worth a visit.  Now I’ll admit I’ve only seen the Ben Kingsley adaptation of the film Ghandi and there are better people qualified than me on the subject.  However looking around the palace and seeing the room and facilities that Ghandi was interned in, you do get an overwhelming sense of emotion about the place.

There are placards describing the sequence of events during the “Quit India” resolution.  The following are just a couple of the photo’s taken at the grounds.

GhandiInside the Palace

Ghandi's Final Resting place.Ghandi’s Bed and all he possessed.



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