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Compiler Cat

Compiler the Cat

For those of you that have been with from it’s very start in the 90’s you will know that Compiler was one of it’s founding members and inspiration for the muckypaws web site.

Compiler was battling with a failed kidney three years ago, when he was stabilised, the vets said another 18 months and we’d be lucky, well he responded to treatment quite well with phosphor binders and prescribed diet and… well he’s a fighter, you wouldn’t know it given that he wasn’t keen on the great outdoors!

However, his kidneys finally won taking ill on Xmas day, and on the 28th December 2013, compiler passed.  I will miss him dearly, he sat with me during many a late night coding session, kept me company when I was very ill, was a very loving and fiercely loyal cat.

So good bye Compiler, you leave a huge hole in my heart, Love you xxx….

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